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Mexico Revolutionary note S1042

It sure feels good to (Finally) to be back with my currency. But of course, it has to start with a note that needs answers, and a worry it's counterfeit. Since PMG doesn't have any Revolutionary registry sets. I believe I'll make a custom set of those I have. OK, to begin I'll include my scans: Since I can't find my SCW currency book, I'm using the PMG world paper currency pricing and search for whatever note I'm looking for. The face of the note looks OK, but the borders may be

Things I have to do before my baby steps can begin

This past week all I've been doing is trying to figure out what to sell. I have some, that I wish I never would have purchased. 1 is a Peru note, it graded nicely but doesn't turn me on anymore. To be honest, it's a nice looking note, but I like nice vignettes showing buildings and historical scenes. Once I get the set started, if anyone is interested in the Peru, Dominican Republic and Czechoslovakia notes, let me know. The Peru isn't a Specimen. I also have a lot of raw notes that aren't worth

A First Baby (Grading) Steps

I have several steps in my journey back. First will be my Mexican notes, I'll only will be able to grade (at most) 5 notes at a time. I know I have one early German note to do, will probably start a Signature Set for what few I'll have. My dad brought back a few from France (this registry set has 26 notes, if I counted correct). I'll probably grade those and then look to buy a bunch. Same way with the German AMC's he brought back also. However, the German  set has about 30 slots, so frankly I do

Some Bright Orange, Plus a Darker Shade Mixed In

Since I've been ready to get back in, have been looking through my raw notes, especially Mexican and ABNC notes. I came across this note which is one of my favorites. The obverse looks gorgeous to me, but I'm afraid the reverse may knock the grade down. Having been a pressman, really looks like there is a darker shade mixed in. I can see it especially in the largest 10s in the middle down the sides, plus the upper left 10. Or possibly the press hasn't been cleaned up good enough to get rid of th

Why No Mexico - Revolutionary Sets?

It seems to me before I retired back in 2013 that there were currency sets of both Mexico and Mexico - Revolutionary. I'm curious as why this happened? I have fondness for both and would really like to see the revolutionary sets back. I especially like Chihuahua's "dos caritas" notes. I'm going to try to attach a front and back scans of one of mine. I'd be pleased and excited to hear from any currency sets, especially ones with the control numbers. I see there are some revolutionary sets on the

Excited To Be Able To Add More Currency

I've sold some of my coins to work on currency. It's been almost a year (10 months I guess) since I've wrote a journal entry here. In that time, I've come to a big decision for me, I've decided to cut down on my coins so I can afford to purchase more notes and related items. This is one of those decisions that can cut both ways. I love coins, have since I was a youngster. But I do appreciate a beautiful, well-printed piece of currency. I also was a small offset pressman for many years, and I

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer


When, When, When? I see this is my first journal entry over here in notes for over a year. I haven't intentionally been ignoring the currency, it's just I've been thinking more about coins, and my collecting goals for coins for the last year or so. Since I've caught up on the coins, and also caught up on scanning my currency, I figured it was time to catch up and set some currency goals. But first, I'd like to maybe vent a little here. I must first say I feel NGC does a fine job over a range

Another Railroad Note

steams into my collection. Just received my latest acquisition today. It's a beautiful 10 Colones remainder from Costa Rica. There's a gorgeous vignette of a 4-4-0 steam engine with smoke trailing. The note is graded 65EPQ, the only thing keeping this note from a higher grade (possible 67) is the front being off center from left to right. According to Krause's Specialized Issues catalog, this note is rare in issued varieties, so I thought I better latch onto this remainder, and I'm sure glad

First Obsolete Note, And First Wild West Currency Signature Set Entry

Let's hunt buffalo! Finally I've found a note so I can start my Wild West Currency Edition Signature set. I've really thought my first additions to my signature set would be a Chief note and/or a Bison note. But I couldn't pass this one up. The note is an Obsolete note from the Western Exchange Fire & Marine Insurance Co., from Omaha, Nebraska. It's a $3 note and has a red THREE overprint. The center vignette is a mounted Indian chasing a buffalo, and when I saw it on a Teletrade auction

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

The Big Haul

...7 gorgeous Mexican notes. Well, I really shot my coin/currency budget on this haul. I couldn't pass these 7 notes up though, as they are so beautiful. And what's worse, I'm looking at another specimen note, and it's going to cost me as much as these 7 did. So now, I'm thinking, do I want to cull through my coins, keep my Wild West and other signature sets, my Franklins and my Morgans, then sell the rest so I can continue my currency habit, or do I collect both??? I know why I like currenc

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

Random Thoughts About Currency

Am I insane to do both coins & currency?... I must admit, I'm glad our Collector's Society fee covers both coins & currency. I've been working on my coins so much lately, that I decided to get my currency caught up, and yes, to buy some more!!! I originally started out with just United States currency, specifically Silver Certificates and Legal Tenders, mostly all small size. But I'm starting to like more things now, at the top of the list are the Deuces, and Mexican notes. So of cou

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer