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It Seemed To Be The Only Thing Left Out In The Light. Nope.

I've said this a few times, that the Standard World Catalog of World Paper Money is a great reference, and that all collectors, especially beginners, would benefit from having a copy. That being said, it's not the be all end all of information, also something I've mentioned previously, and to that point here are a few more examples of Ukrainian notes not referenced in the SCWPM.   In 2018 banknotes of the denominations 1 hryvnia and 2 hryven were printed. With plans already in progress to e

I Just Want To Celebrate! (Part 2)

As I mentioned in my last journal entry there were two new circulating notes issued by the NBU, the 20 & 200 UAH notes, but the big news is that the next two commemoratives were released in tandem with the circulation issues. The 20 & 200 UAH commemoratives! Duh. This makes sense I guess, to release the same commemorative denominations with the regular circulating notes, I would assume that all were ran at the same time and the commemorative overprint added to the commemoratives after t

Want You To Sign Your (Banknote) (Part 2, 2021)

I changed computers a few weeks ago, and have been having trouble connecting to the National Bank of Ukraine website, so imagine my surprise when I saw these two notes popup on ebay. Freshly printed notes with new signatures!  New runs of the 200 and 20 hryven denominations were issued and I have to believe that the commemorative versions of these notes are not far behind. This is the second signature variety for each note of the current design. 20 Hryven   2019, PICK # A 126, Smoliy s

Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby (Part 2)

Sometimes opportunities come along in quick succession and if you had taken advantage of the first you are then faced with the difficult decision, sometimes, of whether or not to "go in" on the second. A typical dilemma that all collectors face, and at its core is all about patience. Well, fortunately for me this recent dilemma required very little thought, or money, and I went "in" on my latest acquisition.  I've been on a shahiv kick recently and have been rewarded with some fun and uniqu

Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby

Recently, I saw an auction popup on eBay, a couple of Ukrainian shahiv "postage stamp currency" notes. What initially caught my eye was the 20 shahiv, which was missing the perforated edges.? The Standard Catalog of World Paper Money does not currently list an unperforated variety for this note, although they are known to exist, and if real it would be a great find. But after looking at the images more closely it just didn't look right to me, not that it wasn't genuine, but I was pretty sure it

Can It Be There's Been Some Sort Of An Error?

A  Feature Photo/album/album cover art work to get everyone in the Holiday mood.  I was scouring the world for Ukrainian banknotes the other day and one auction, at a major overseas auction house located in Prague, had 39 PCGS graded Ukrainian banknotes!  I've come across PCGS graded Ukrainian banknotes many times, so it's not like it's unusual to see them but typically PMG graded notes out number PCGS graded notes BY A LOT!  A quick search of ebay lists 217 PMG graded notes and 21 PCGS grad

We Chew And Spit You Out! (Again)

Back at the auction frontlines.... I'm still striking out, but there were a few interesting occurrences and a high end note that sold.  In late September/early October a Ukraine P50 was listed at HA, I believe the preauction estimate was $1,500 - $2,000. I wasn't seriously bidding on this and placed a midrange preauction bid, when the day of the auction arrived I had been out bid by $700  and sat and watched the note sell for $4,320 with BP! I was never a contender on this one. I wasn't sur

Baby (I) Did A Bad Bad Thing (Part 1)

Written 7/29  The events to the overall theme of this Journal entry will be playing out over the span of a few weeks and since that is the case and since posting "real time" Journal entries could affect the overall outcome of these events (negatively for me) I'll be logging Journal Entries and then posting them once the chain of events has ended. Here we go. I just bid up a note (actually two), BIG TIME, for no good reason other than too (1) be a jerk.  (2) test a theory based off of d

Baby (I) Did A Bad Bad Thing (Part 2)

Written 7/30 The third of four Shahiv banknotes was ending today, the 40 Shahiv banknote, and as planed I would place a lowball bid to hedge against the possibility of me being incorrect in using the Population Reports to determine the seller has another 40 Shahiv banknote that they will post soon after the auctions for the first set end. The bidding started at $43, the note was graded Choice Very Fine 35 by PMG, no EPQ designation, and no bids had been placed as of yet. Since the auction w

Baby (I) Did A Bad Bad Thing (Part 3)

Written 8/7 The auction for the 30 Shahiv banknote ended and I didn't place a bid , with only one bidder and a $158 starting price I just couldn't justify the risk of bidding and ending up with this note. That's not to say the note was not worth the price, Top Pop, it's the harder to find "b" variety with the Gray-Violet ink and it's the only note of this variety currently graded (all pluses) but I just couldn't do it. The note just didn't have the good vibrant ink/color that I would like t

Baby (I) Did A Bad Bad Thing (Part 4)

Written 9/11 On Friday (9/3) the 10 & 20 Shahiv notes showed up in a registry set, followed by a slot being added to the Registry and the 30 Shahiv being added to the same set on Tuesday (9/7). As I suspected, one of my fellow Ukrainian collectors in the Registry picked up 3 of the 4 notes (myself having acquired the fourth), the 10 & 30 Shahiv having sold for moon money ($281 & $158 respectively) and the 20 Shahiv selling for considerably less. I had purchased the 40 Shahiv (PM

Baby (I) Did A Bad Bad Thing (Part 5)

Written 10/24 Well, here we are. The End... A few weeks ago, approximately on or around Oct. 1, the seller who had originally listed the first lot of 4 Shahiv banknotes listed two more, 10 & 20 Shahiv banknotes. I was excited to see these listed, and therefore justified my incessive PMG Population Report watching, kind of, but I felt little excitement in wanting to acquiring either of the two notes.  The 10 Shahiv note was a lower grade than the first, the first being graded 55 EPQ

Why, Why, WHY!...... And It Makes Me Wonder......

Sigh..... Well, I did it again. Went and completely shot myself in the foot AGAIN. Arrghh!  A few weeks ago I wrote a journal entry about how I have been getting skunked at auctions lately and I also eluded to a group of Ukrainian notes being auctioned by Heritage Auctions, a group of WWII issued karbowanez banknotes. Journal entry here... I had bid up the notes that I was going for (Way UP!) and had put noncommittal bids on the other lots. Well guess what? While scouring ebay I came a

Want You To Sign Your (Banknote) (Part 1, 2021)

For the second time this year the NBU has updated the signature on a circulating banknote, the 500 hryvnia in March was the first, and the 100 hryvnia is the latest note to receive the signature of the new Governor of the NBU, Kyrylo Shevchenko. The 100 hryvnia banknote was designed in 2014 and measures 75 x 142mm, this is the third signature to grace the 2014 design and is the fourth different pick # to date. The new 100 hryvnia banknotes were put into circulation on Sept. 7, 2021.  PICK #

We Chew And Spit You Out!

Well, the trend of getting crushed at auction has continued in earnest this last week with major disappointments, for me, on several fronts. First there was a Ukraine P1b (inverted back, which is the normal orientation for this note. Pick 1a, standard orientation, is the much rarer/harder to find note for this issue.) with a preauction estimate of $400 - $500, it is a lovely note in the old PMG Gen 2 holder with the blue-green tint, I already had a graded example of this note but at a lower grad

Fenntucky Mike

Fenntucky Mike in Auctions

I Just Want To Celebrate! (Part 1)

While an independent Ukraine has fully embraced commemorative coins from the beginning, with the first commemoratives dated 1995 shortly after the Banknote Printing and Minting Works was fully operational in late 1994, banknotes have not seen the same type of attention. Thank goodness! I currently count six commemorative, souvenir and presentation notes having been issued/released since the BPMW fired up their presses to produce the 50,000 Karbovantsiv notes in 1994. Six commemorative notes in 2

In and/(or) Out Of Love/(The Registry Set)?

The Ukrainian Compensation Certificates issued in the early 90's are a bit of an odd duck, not really a banknote and not really currency. The presence of them in the PMG Registry is a bit iffy but I suppose an argument can be made that they belong, although I'm not so certain that they do.  After the fall of the U.S.S.R and Ukraine's independence, which was ratified in August of 1991 by the Central Rada of Ukraine, there was an immediate need to separate and create new financial institution

Shahiv It Up, Baby, Now

The Ukrainian Postage Stamp Currency of 1918, with denominations of 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 Shahiv, are odd little ducks but not in the context of the times. World War I would rage most of the year until the Armistice Agreement on November, 11, the Spanish Flu pandemic was beginning, the Russian Revolution was in full swing and the newly established People's Republic of Ukraine (June, 1917) was toppled via coup d'etat complements of the Imperial German Army which was occupying Kyiv at the time a

99 (100!) Luftballoons

Recently I acquired a P127b banknote for one of my Ukrainian sets, NBU 1991 - Date, normally this would not result in much fanfare but it just happened to be the 100th note in the set.  A somewhat noteworthy  achievement in my book and a short time coming in the grand scheme of things. Having started this set in February of 2019, it took only a miniscule 28 months to reach 100 banknotes a goal that I would have anticipated being much more drawn out and that there was submitted such a variety of

Like A Book On A Shelf Rusting

I was rearranging my books and making/installing a new shelf for them in my office at work, the ones that I keep there anyway, and it got me thinking about why I decided to acquire the books that I did for my Ukrainian banknote collection. The rhyme and reason behind my acquisitions of these tomes has swung wildly from start to present, I say present because I'm not done building my library and currently have two more references on the way after winning two auctions last night.  In the beginning

Who's BAD? (Me?)

Ok, time to fess up. A month or so ago a Ukrainian banknote went up for auction but not just any note a P 125! A note I've been pining over for the last few years and a note whose acquisition has been proving most difficult, so much so that I will have another journal entry about in the near future. A NOTE THAT......OH WAIT A mechanical error. A mislabeled note, the seller had it described as such, interesting.  Now, being the narcissistic panophobic conspiracy theorist that I am, my first t

It's Never Enough (For Me!)

So, this is me toning down descriptions for my banknotes. I'm not sure why this is such a source of angst for me but I have to believe at the core of it is my desire to produce something that's halfway legible, informative and enjoyable, not just content for the sake of it and my distain of a word limit. Meh, well the only way I'm going to know is if I throw some of it out there for critiquing to the PMG Journal audience, all four of you.  I'm working on a basic structure, well not really, i

There's Room Enough Here For Two....

Banknotes, when playing Guess The Grade. As you go along your collecting journey it is almost impossible to NOT end up with a few duplicate notes, whether do to buying a bulk lot that contained a note you already owned, upgrades, winning an auction with a lowball bid, you purposely wanted a second note or you were running up the bid and got stuck with it. Ahem!  No matter the reason I really enjoy having duplicates as it give me an opportunity to further study and learn about the note. My m

Is This Just Fantasy? Umm, Yes. (Part 2)

I picked up some more Matej Gabris (he's like the Dan Carr of banknotes ) fantasy notes a few months back to compliment the set I purchased last year. These latest notes are an earlier series having been printed in 2002, the previous series of notes I purchased were dated 2003. I believe these are based, loosely, on Austrian notes towards the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918). The ornamentation, the position of the profiles, the background patterns, etc. have a very close resemblanc

They got an education / And they all been in school

I was taking a stroll through the internet, a week or so ago, searching for information on the paper used by the National Bank of Ukraine - Banknote Printing and Minting Works for banknote production, and stumbled upon a really wonderful document titled Banknote Paper Deterioration Factors: Circulation Simulator Method, authored by Tetiana Kyrychok, Anatolii Shevchuk, Victor Nesterenk, and Petro Kyrychok. Normally I like to skim over items such as this, gleaning what I think is pertinent to my f