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  1. Can't really help you without seeing the note but if it is an actual error it will have some value above face, how much will depend on the type of error, condition of the note, how "extreme" looking it is, etc.. See below, as long as you have images in any one of the below file types and the image is smaller than 4.88MB then you should be able to drag and drop an image into your post. Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Other Media Accepted file types: gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg, png, webp Max total size: 4.88 MB Max file size: 4.88MB
  2. Picked up this fantastic looking U.S. obsolete the other day. It's probably been pressed, like most are, but it still has good ink, including the sigs and date which are still clearly visible, and no center fold going through the vignette that I can tell of. A wonderful note that will end up in one of my signature sets.
  3. Some people might like something like this to display a note or for certain rare notes but products like this already exist for those purposes. A simple top load sleeve or something similar is more than adequate to store banknotes in, as long as they are properly stored and handled. Posting counterfeits of currently circulating notes is not cool.
  4. There is only one published work on the 1893 World's Fair tickets that I know of and I don't remember there being catalog #'s listed, but maybe. If I have time I'll take a look to see if there are any numbers listed in it. If the reason you're looking for a catalog # is to submit these to PMG then I'd post this question in the Ask PMG section or contact them directly via email of phone.
  5. Yes, to distribute the cost of shipping, insurance, packaging, handling, etc., charges over several notes, that way all of those costs don't go against one note. Yes, you will have to pay more up front but the $60 or so non-grading tier costs would be spread over several notes, making the overall cost of grading each note less. Like I said, maybe it doesn't matter in your case or you have no other notes worth sending in, etc.. I'm just saying if it was my note I'd wait until I had a dozen or so additional notes to send in to keep the costs per note lower.
  6. The cost of shipping there and back, along with the $10 handling charge. Let's say shipping with insurance to PMG cost you $25, I think PMG charges another $25 to ship a note back and they also charge a $10 handling fee if I remember correctly. All that cost, roughly $60, would go against this one note as opposed to being spread out over let's say ten notes. $60 vs $6 per note is a big difference when it comes time to sell and try to make your money back. If you don't have additional notes to send with then you'd better know how to grade a note yourself, if the note in the OP came back as a 35-58 you'd have a hard time recouping any grading fees, especially $60 + $37 economy tier grading fee = $97. Of course if you acquired the note for no or very little money then it is not as big of a deal, or maybe it doesn't matter to you. If it was my note I'd be trying to keep the cost down.
  7. Picked this up for next to nothing for one of my signature sets.
  8. Correct. The economy tier is what I'd go with based on what you're telling me.
  9. I'd go with the Economy tier as that would be your cheapest option unless you have a bulk submission. I would absolutely not send this note in by itself, I'd wait until I had a dozen or more notes to send in with it to keep the cost down.
  10. Yeah, too bad about the tear but still two hella nice finds. Especially if found in circulation, that'd be almost unbelievable. I'd say they have about the same value, maybe $100 or so on a good day.
  11. Cool, good luck with the sale. Ebay is usually not too bad except for the fees. If you have a few notes then Heritage or Stack's Bowers would probably achieve higher sell prices, Great Collections might be a good option if you only have the one note to sell, I hear their fees are much more reasonable than the other sites and they have decent traffic for U.S. notes. Have you looked for any comps to get a feel for what it might sell for?