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  3. -10 = 2,461 WTF! 2 Hryven +1 10 Hryven +2 20 Hryven +1 100 Hryven -28 200 Hryven +1 500 Hryven +2 1000 Hryven +2 2000 Hryven +2 50 Karbovantsiv -1 100 Karbovantsiv +3 1000 Karbovantsiv +2 5000 Karbovantsiv +1 20000 Karbovantsiv +2 Major correction today in the Pop Report, with 100 Hryven loosing 28 notes and 50 Karbovantsiv dropping 1 note. Corrections happen to the pop reports, with the last being on 6/22/2021 for Ukrainian notes, but this is the largest I've seen since tracking. I've been tracking the Ukrainian Pop Report since May 11, 2021 and the 28 notes removed from the 100 Hryven is more than the additions since May (23). The 100 Hryven Pop in May 130, today 128. Could just be a key stroke error and the numbers could flip next week, we'll see.
  4. Yeah, I didn't want to publish any of them until the "saga" was done, and when it was I didn't want to wait and publish them one at a time over a week or two. I wanted to be done with it too. 100% agree! I've already picked up several notes not in Pick and a few "yet to be graded" known notes. I'm working on acquiring a couple really interesting notes right now including a contemporary counterfeit from 1918 that has been sitting out there unnoticed.
  5. Ugh... you need to learn to not abuse your audience like this. I'm not gonna claim I read all of this- there was some skimming and eye glazing that occurred, but interesting stuff with the competition. At the end of the day, I think it's hard to build most truly great and unique registry sets without doing some of the grading yourself. At some point you're gonna hit some rare or rarely collected or rarely graded thing that you just won't get to buy off inventory for a reasonable price.
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  7. Hello, I am trying to add Lebanon 20,000 2012, Pick 93a*, but I am not able to. The verification number is 8066779-005. I am able to add other starred notes to my PMG collection but not this one. Thank you,
  8. Written 7/29 The events to the overall theme of this Journal entry will be playing out over the span of a few weeks and since that is the case and since posting "real time" Journal entries could affect the overall outcome of these events (negatively for me) I'll be logging Journal Entries and then posting them once the chain of events has ended. Here we go. I just bid up a note (actually two), BIG TIME, for no good reason other than too (1) be a jerk. (2) test a theory based off of data I've been gathering from tracking the weekly PMG, Ukrainian Population Reports of graded banknotes. (3) Acquire a higher graded banknote at a lower price. See my Journal entry "Where have all the (Ukrainian banknotes) gone.?" for my population report tracking entries and comments. The note/s in question were a Ukrainian 10 Shahiv and to a lesser extent a Ukrainian 20 Shahiv banknote, both were being auctioned off by the same seller along with 40 & 30 Shahiv banknotes and 100 & 250 Karbovantsiv banknotes. The 40 & 30 Shahiv are of the same series and type as the 10 & 20, the 100 & 250 Karbovantsiv are a completely different animal from the Shahiv but would fit nicely into my set along with the Shahiv notes. I felt all the notes were a little pricey as none were below $43 and two started at over $148 but we'll see if they all sell. The Shahiv are the same size, shape and design of stamps of the same period, most are perforated, but without glue, on thicker paper and the national symbol, Tryzub or Trident, on the back. The postage stamps that circulated at the same time as the notes did not have the Tryzub displayed on the back and were adhesive backed for placement on envelopes, neither were they perforated as they were cut from sheets. Shahiv were issued in denominations of 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50. Stamps - imperforated, no Tryzub, adhesive backed, on thin paper. Banknotes - perforated, Tryzub, no adhesive, on thick paper. These Shahiv issues are well known to me and with the addition of monitoring the Population Report, I feel that I have a pretty good grasp of the situation at hand. This seller listed 10, 20, 30 & 40 Shahiv notes at the same time, since I've been tracking the Population Report there was an increase in the population of the 10, 20, 30 & 40 Shahiv banknotes graded by PMG. On the weekly update of June 15 there was an increase of +2 in each of these categories, along with an increase of +1 in the 100 & 250 Karbovantsiv banknotes. The increase in population along with all the holders having matching PMG Submission numbers indicates to me the possibility that the seller might be holding back additional Shahiv banknotes. The timing is right, listed June 15 in the Population Report then listed on ebay a month later, there was only one graded of each note prior to June 15th and the chances of another individual having graded the exact same Shahiv notes at the same time is slim to none. The person who listed the notes is absolutely a seller, one from whom I've purchased before, and is probably holding back duplicates. I went ahead and made the assumption that this seller had two each of the Shahiv banknotes graded and was only listing one set at a time. If true I should be able to determine if the seller is holding back higher, lower or identical grade notes. The 20 & 40 Shahiv notes that are being auctioned have populations of 1/2 (one with two graded higher), according to the Population Report, so both are the lowest graded notes of those denominations. Similarly, I'm able to deduce that the 30 Shahiv listed is a Top Pop (1/0). The 10 Shahiv is 1/1 meaning that since there are three graded it is in the middle, so if the seller is holding back another note I don't know if it is a higher or lower grade. I have a feeling that the seller listed two high and two low notes, a total guess on my part. Based on this info and a quick look at my Ukrainian set and I knew that none of these notes were really on my radar if better notes were to be had in a few weeks but to hedge my bet I placed a few bids on the two notes whose auctions were ending today, both of which would be either an upgrade or fill a hole in my collection. I was thinking a few lowball bids just to be safe, one per note, if I loose no big deal as there should be another note right behind this one. If I win I get to check a note off the want list or upgrade, what can go wrong. The first note had a starting bid of $43 and one current bidder, I already had this note but it would be a slight improvement, I placed a bid of $57 which was not enough to beat the current bid so I shrugged my shoulders and moved on. The names have been removed to protect the innocent. The next note is a pretty good note and one that I currently don't have a graded example of, the starting bid was $86 with one bidder who had placed two separate bids. Ok, sticking to my lowball guns I place a bid of $97. "Huh. It wasn't enough to overtake the first of two bids from the same individual? Well, I should place at least one more bid to see if I can leapfrog the lower of the two bids and I do need this note. I can go a little higher." I thought to myself and placed another bid. Then another and again and so on until I was up to $281 having still not passed the first of two bids by my now hated rival. Well I had enough at that point and not wanting to get stuck with this note now and kind of feeling a little bad for having driven the price to what I thought was an unreasonable level I left frustrated, relieved, curious and feeling a little bad all at the same time. Why was this note so important to this individual? Now with two of the four Shahiv notes gone and not in my collection I'm really hoping I'm right about this seller having duplicates of these in higher grades. There is another Shahiv ending tomorrow and no one seems to be interested in it as there are no current bids on it. It's a note I don't currently have and it's low grade with no EPQ designation but again to hedge my bet that there are more I'll place a lowball bid on it and see what happens. To whomever won the 10 Shahiv note I apologize, bidding up that note was a bad bad thing.
  9. Written 7/30 The third of four Shahiv banknotes was ending today, the 40 Shahiv banknote, and as planed I would place a lowball bid to hedge against the possibility of me being incorrect in using the Population Reports to determine the seller has another 40 Shahiv banknote that they will post soon after the auctions for the first set end. The bidding started at $43, the note was graded Choice Very Fine 35 by PMG, no EPQ designation, and no bids had been placed as of yet. Since the auction was ending early afternoon I decided to go with a lowball snipe bid, auctions ending during the day give me the rare opportunity to snipe. As the clock wound down I placed my bid and won with no other competing bids. I have a feeling that having no EPQ designation may have had something to do with this or have others came to the same conclusion as me? Tracking the population reports or worse yet tracking my updates. As stated before this note has a total population of three and the note for auction had the lowest grade of the three, and was stated in the auction item description (1/2). One collector of two, whom I consider competition in acquiring Ukrainian banknotes, already had this denomination in a higher grade and the other is a very careful shopper typically only going for the highest quality. That makes the most sense for the lack of competition on this note as there is really only three individuals typically interested in Ukrainian notes and/or where I see any activity in the PMG registry. Pictures are from the seller. PMG used to put postage stamp currency in an additional envelope before sealing them in the holder, I kind of liked that, it helped to keep these tiny notes from floating around inside the holder. Oh well. The note is worthy of its grade and lack thereof an EPQ designation but it's still a fun little note and fills an empty place in my collection allowing me some flexibility for the next set of Shahiv banknotes from this seller (if I'm correct) as I'm now only missing the 10 & 30 Shahiv notes of this series. Only having two of the five notes to focus on means I don't have to worry about acquiring graded examples of the others and upgrading these is just not really important or under consideration at these prices, $300 for one of these is not what I want to spend my collecting budget on. Just one more auction to go and the first set (I think) will be done. The final note is the 30 Shahiv banknote, Top Pop of three graded an Uncirculated 62 but no EPQ designation, the bidding started at $158 and there is currently one bid. So now the question is do I bid this up a little and do a Bad Bad Thing again? P.S. Bidding up a note is note necessarily a bad thing, the person who REALLY wanted to win did, the seller gets a better price encouraging them to continue to submit notes or put them up for sale meaning more notes for everyone and I could weaken my competition for the next note which could be even better. Yeah, I'm feeling less bad and if I'm right about whom I was up against/bidding up, even more so. The strange thing is that I won the 40 Shahiv, two different people won the 10 & 20 and there is a fourth bidder who is currently winning the 30 Shahiv auction, is it possible I'm not just going up against my two closest rivals?
  10. Written 8/7 The auction for the 30 Shahiv banknote ended and I didn't place a bid , with only one bidder and a $158 starting price I just couldn't justify the risk of bidding and ending up with this note. That's not to say the note was not worth the price, Top Pop, it's the harder to find "b" variety with the Gray-Violet ink and it's the only note of this variety currently graded (all pluses) but I just couldn't do it. The note just didn't have the good vibrant ink/color that I would like to have with this note, (although the Gray-Violet version is notoriously light when it comes to color) no EPQ designation was a drawback as well but wasn't necessarily the determining factor, I just wanted a note with more color. The 30 Shahiv note concluded the seller's auctions of all their listed Ukrainian notes, all 4 Shahiv notes sold, the 100 & 250 Karbovantsiv notes did not and the seller has since relisted them. The 100 Karbovantsiv at a Buy Now price and the 250 is again up for auction with a starting bid of $138. I'm watching both and neither will sell, I think, although I did receive an offer from the seller of $10 off on the 100. The Shahiv notes all sold for pretty good money especially the 10 Shahiv, and now I'm just waiting for the seller to hopefully list the next four in the near future. On a side note the 40 Shahiv I won showed up and it's a real beauty with better than expected ink. It's only graded 35 but I think it's strong for the grade, similar to how I though the 30 Shahiv looked weak for it's grade. When is a Fourth Party going to show up with fancy stickers to place on the holders to make these determinations? Like CAC for banknotes, it will probably happen in the future, if it hasn't already. Now, the agony of waiting in anticipation of the second set of Shahiv notes.
  11. Written 9/11 On Friday (9/3) the 10 & 20 Shahiv notes showed up in a registry set, followed by a slot being added to the Registry and the 30 Shahiv being added to the same set on Tuesday (9/7). As I suspected, one of my fellow Ukrainian collectors in the Registry picked up 3 of the 4 notes (myself having acquired the fourth), the 10 & 30 Shahiv having sold for moon money ($281 & $158 respectively) and the 20 Shahiv selling for considerably less. I had purchased the 40 Shahiv (PMG 35) for $43. One of the strange things about this odyssey so far is that the winning bidder ID for the three notes I did not win, and are now all currently residing in the same registry set, is different for each auction but all three ID's have the same amount of positive feedback. Even the 30-Day Bid History is identical.? I'm not sure if this due to some sort of sniping software or something similar meant to give a bidder an advantage. I guess I never understood the need to do such things, I get waiting to place a snipe bid but even doing that has mixed results both good and bad. In the end you need to determine what you value something at and place that bid at the opportune moment. So far my "predictions" have been on the money, the last piece of the puzzle, the most critical piece to my (hopefully) acquiring all of the Shahiv notes, is that the ebay seller has and will soon list the other graded Shahiv notes. If not then but even if the other Shahiv notes graded at the same time as the first batch listed don't become available I still would not have acquired the 10 & 30 notes as I was not willing to pay the prices the notes sold for. So instead of spending BIG money I picked a few notes to add to my collection. They were all under $40 and one day might end up at PMG for grading. The are all AU - EF and didn't put a hit on my wallet.
  12. Written 10/24 Well, here we are. The End... A few weeks ago, approximately on or around Oct. 1, the seller who had originally listed the first lot of 4 Shahiv banknotes listed two more, 10 & 20 Shahiv banknotes. I was excited to see these listed, and therefore justified my incessive PMG Population Report watching, kind of, but I felt little excitement in wanting to acquiring either of the two notes. The 10 Shahiv note was a lower grade than the first, the first being graded 55 EPQ and the second 50 EPQ, the 20 Shahiv was a higher graded note than the first one listed, the first being a 35 EPQ and the second a 58 EPQ! Having already purchasing the first 20 Shahiv note I wasn't particularly keen on getting the second at a much higher price, so I decided to wait, and the 10 Shahiv is a note that I don't currently have a graded example of ,but I decided to pass on this note as well. What's going on? I watched the two notes expecting to see two additional notes listed, the 30 & 40 Shahiv notes, which were graded at the same time as the others making two groups of four notes each. The groups consisting of 10, 20, 30 & 40 Shahiv banknotes at varying grades. Well the two additional notes never appeared and the 10 & 20 Shahiv notes went unsold in the first go around. I'm just not excited about paying a high price when I have nongraded examples that are in better condition, that being said I'm just not going to do it. No. Ukrainian notes in general have been getting pricy and I'm too the point where it makes more sense to submit my own notes instead of paying a premium for already graded notes. I've been picking up raw examples of notes for a while now in anticipation of the availability of graded notes not being there, but now due to increasing prices for graded notes (which I didn't see coming) I'm ramping up the raw note purchasing. I have a hard time believing that there are a ton of Ukrainian collectors out there that will continue to drive demand, and prices, for graded notes continually up but I'm hitting the pause button on graded note purchases. That's not to say that I'm not hoping for more Ukrainian collectors, I AM, but these factors are facilitating a change of direction in my collecting. Raw notes are readily available, or at least they were, and I've been gathering them up like crazy in anticipation of sending them off to PMG. Since the second 10 & 20 Shahiv notes were listed, they've been relisted twice and the 10 Shahiv is now listed at a Buy It Now price of $94. Pfft, think they'll accept an offer of $87? If these notes get down around to the $40 range I'll think about it but so far this seller has seemed resilient, and has yet to budge much (if at all) on any of the prices for the Ukrainian notes listed, including the 100 & 250 Karbovantsiv notes that were listed at around the same time as the first four Shahiv notes. Tracking the Pop reports is a useful tool and it seems I was correct in anticipating a second set of four notes and determining their relative grades, all good stuff, but I find the end a little anticlimactic. I haven't completed the Shahiv short set, I've 180'd in buying any of the second group notes and I'm pretty sure I've Done A Bad Bad Thing. Probably several. P.S. If you've managed to get through all 5 parts of this journal entry and still have basic motor functions I applaud you. This drivel would have turned most individuals brains to mush after the first paragraph of the second entry.
  13. Look what showed up yesterday. This completes the Third Dollar short set for me.
  14. HA! The PMG Pop Rep has 32 at 66, so how many are there? I think you're right I better act sooner than later, could be years before they pop up again at that price.
  15. That seller is up to 9 sold... Sit on the fence long enough and you might end up getting stuck with that Canadian seller wanting $500 for one.
  16. From my good friend in Ukraine, Dmytro. Generously included with a larger group of notes and coins I acquired from him.
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  18. Part 1 (of 4 Parts) is up: Session 4 Baltimore Auction Session 9 Baltimore Auction
  19. I probably would too, but it just becomes an issue of do I have the budget / cash when one comes up. Those are hard in the $500-600 range because for about $300-400 I can get a low mint state coin with about 0.1 oz of gold. Like a 10 Mark, a French 10 Franc or an old 1930 10 Bolivar. For 600-700 I can have something like an upgrade to the 10G set, a Dutch 20 Kroner or a Gold 20 Bolivar. And those are literally Gold.
  20. Yeah, that's a LOT saltier than I thought for those. It's a tough one, maybe it's a one note a year type of thing, still it's tough to relinquish a good chunk of the budget to a single, circulated, raw note, and potentially investing another $40ish for grading.... I guess I'd try to chip away at them, assuming that they are available in the years to come.
  21. HA! Yeah, I never understood the reasoning of listing a second or third set of duplicate notes, unless an individual was actively peddling them. I guess there is the registry point aspect of this or maybe it's easier to keep track of them, but still, I'd nuke the set!
  22. Big Time! Shocked but very happy that she let me get away with it! The fact that it was necessary after all of this is why it was done but it still stung a bit to hit "Confirm" while still remembering that that 68EPQ 20 Trillion note for $99.99 now retails at $65, and the more I get rarer notes at big sums like this and the more I upgrade things the more that set becomes slightly less of a "low budget champion." But I'm pretty sure I'm still less than $3500 into that set, which would still make it a pretty cheap winner. And that's where I'm basically shrugging with the P-13, the P-14 and the P-24 through P-27. When those come up at all people want $300-500 for them raw and in very circulated states. I just don't know that I'll ever be able to go there. I had also once thought it would be great to get a full variety set of the first series (P-1 through P-4). I did that with P-1, but P-4a, P-4b, P-3a, and P-3b are... soul crushing... at the moment. I feel a temptation to nuke my set for spare 3rd dollars for the crime of breaking up my 100% completes.
  23. Before I learned how to earn money online, I also worried about such issues, getting less and less pleasure. When I focused on playing 3d slots online it became easier for me to relax, because the earnings in an online casino are significant, especially if you spend enough time on preparation and practice.
  24. I've already said it but I'll say it again, that is one hell of a gift! I wouldn't think it would have been painful at all, I'm thinking it was necessary. Seriously, the set wouldn't be the same without it and while it would have been nice to wait and maybe save a few bucks (or self-submit a raw note) sometimes you just have to go for it. I'd be super happy with the state of the set, with a sense of accomplishment, but an empty slot would bug me unless it's just not a realistic note to acquire. Those you just have to come to terms with and/or wait it out. Yeah, NH needs to start embracing their website more and give up on ebay. Pick a price and list it on your site, stop holding out on the good notes and then listing them on ebay. Maybe if I stopped running up bids on auctions they would.
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  26. Today I officially got a P-72 Zimbabwean banknote for my wife for my birthday. I think it actually came right around a month ago but as of today it is officially “mine” and I can list it. Anyway… It came with a circulated 500,000 note as a tag along. At a whopping $265 – a very high price tag for this set, making it cost about 1/10th as much as the rest of the 100-note set combined and beating the next most expensive note by a factor of ~2.5 – this was a bit of a painful one to pull the trigger on but I just had to have this or I don’t think I’d ever be able to feel fully satisfied with the set. This is / feels like a pretty big thing because it finally completes my 3rd dollar banknote set by pick #. This means the list of accomplishments in my Zimbabwean banknote collection (Gradually, then Suddenly) for 2021 includes: First dollar banknote set complete by pick # - I added the P-3 at last. First dollar traveller’s checks complete by pick # x2 sets 2nd dollar bearer checks complete by pick # - I filled in the last 3 holes, one with a top pop I sent in myself. The only thing I think that is arguably missing here is the P-46a sub-type. 3rd dollar banknotes complete by pick# - I have hardly ever seen a 73b, a 74b, or a 76b for sale and I refuse to pay $140 for a grade 15 just to say that I have that variety. A whole bunch of raw gas coupons added and added to the set with a placeholder. The set is complete by pick number from P-1 to P-12, from P-15 to P-23, and from P-32 to P-104. For the first time since I expanded the set to include all the pick numbers there are fewer than 10 holes / gaps in the set. 6 of those holes are the Cargill Bearer checks – I’ll try my best down the road but… those are hard, and I just don’t feel bad about not having them! 2 of those gaps are notes that, as discussed in other entries, I’m not convinced deserve to even have their own pick numbers (P-28 and P-31). And the last hole is a P-105, and… does anyone think I won’t get that as soon as I’m good and ready? Looking at it, seeing that last gap in the middle of that huge, otherwise unbroken, 70+ note block… Feels nice! And I’m a little shocked and in awe. I would not have believed I’d get here in 2019, especially not in just 2.5 years. At this point, my set has more notes and varieties and more images of notes in higher grade / better condition than many of the sites I used to learn about the collection and build mine. I feel really good about reaching this point. REALLY REALLY Good. But every time I hit a milestone like this though the “road ahead” becomes a steeper climb. Lol Last night I also won a new P-46b unopposed. The P-46b in the set is one of the three notes I submitted myself earlier this year, but it disappointed with a 64EPQ. I was happy enough to get to have the 2nd dollar set, but, as I long suspected would be the case, not long after I just graded them myself the dealer I get so many of these notes from started popping up with more 2nd dollar bearer checks in high grade for cheap. They've been listing a lot of things in the range of P-39 to P-49 in 67 and 68 EPQ grades the last couple of weeks. I'm a bit salty over this because I got charged sales tax again this time when I haven't been charged sales tax the last couple of times I've bought from them. That brought the price up to $37.88. If I'd known I'd be hit with tax and pay almost $38 and not $35 I would have just bought the note from them through their site. It's $35 on their site and I won with a $30 bid, but I could have used their 10% discount code, not paid shipping and gotten out for $36.50... At the end of the day, it's $1.38. Not a big deal, but still mildly annoying. I'm getting tired of this on again / off again with this seller and eBay on Sales tax. Between that and the discount code on the site I'm increasingly convinced that I need to just give up on eBay wit this seller as long as that 10% code is on offer. However, as Mike has pointed out, a lot of their better stuff goes to eBay on auction, and doesn't show up on their site until much later, if it shows up at all. So waiting and hoping to see it on the website is a bit of a risk. It's a little funny to me that this post is focused on the two different 10,000 dollar notes in two of the series / sets that have them. There's a total of 5 $10,000 denominations, with P-14 (RARE!), P-17 (Dirty Common), and P-24 (RARE) rounding out the group.
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