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  1. From my good friend in Ukraine, Dmytro. Generously included with a larger group of notes and coins I acquired from him.
  2. Yeah, that's a LOT saltier than I thought for those. It's a tough one, maybe it's a one note a year type of thing, still it's tough to relinquish a good chunk of the budget to a single, circulated, raw note, and potentially investing another $40ish for grading.... I guess I'd try to chip away at them, assuming that they are available in the years to come.
  3. HA! Yeah, I never understood the reasoning of listing a second or third set of duplicate notes, unless an individual was actively peddling them. I guess there is the registry point aspect of this or maybe it's easier to keep track of them, but still, I'd nuke the set!
  4. I've already said it but I'll say it again, that is one hell of a gift! I wouldn't think it would have been painful at all, I'm thinking it was necessary. Seriously, the set wouldn't be the same without it and while it would have been nice to wait and maybe save a few bucks (or self-submit a raw note) sometimes you just have to go for it. I'd be super happy with the state of the set, with a sense of accomplishment, but an empty slot would bug me unless it's just not a realistic note to acquire. Those you just have to come to terms with and/or wait it out. Yeah, NH needs to start embracing their website more and give up on ebay. Pick a price and list it on your site, stop holding out on the good notes and then listing them on ebay. Maybe if I stopped running up bids on auctions they would.
  5. +21 = 2,471 5 Hryven +1 20 Hryven +2 50 Hryven + 1 100 Hryven +1 500 Hryven + 15 10 Karbovantiv +1 There are a lot of 500 Hryven being graded in the last few weeks, 28 on 9/21 and another 15 today.?
  6. Sweet! I'm more curious about the coin and what it's really going to look like in hand, not that I'm planning on getting one. Right now that design is right up there with the Eunice Kennedy commemorative dollar.
  7. Those's! Well, I guess all the signs were pointing to this, and I'm not surprised, but the outright BSing is amazing to see no matter how many times it happens. Meh, a CBDC wouldn't have been a great move for them anyway. Any confirmation on the designs or if there will be a coin?
  8. +8 = 2,450 20 Hryven +1 100 Hryven +1 100 Karbovantsiv +2 1 Karbowanez +1 20 Karbowanez +1 50 Karbowanez +1 100 Karbowanez +1
  9. I way over paid for this one, I guess continually missing out on notes got the better of me, but I'm still glad I got it. The label is a mechanical error, it is really P35b, but that's not why I bought it. This is going to become part of a custom set for 2022, more to come on that later.
  10. You know it. That's interesting an interesting thought, so now that it's out there will they become more aggressive and are you going to sandbag on requesting slots?
  11. 100% That's what will keep me from upgrading, other or new collections that are incomplete compared to a set that is done. My completed sets will kind of sit on the sidelines as I focus on other things especially if I'm satisfied with them and have hit my goals.
  12. +5 = 2,442 5 Hryven +1 20 Hryven +1 50 Shahiv +1 30 Shahiv +1 40 Shahiv +1 The Shahiv issues have been getting some well deserved love the last few weeks.
  13. Definitely a good time to sell! Have any of your notes hit the auction block yet, any gone live?
  14. Hi Don, Confederate Currency is a popular collecting theme and there are a lot of affordable notes to be had. To answer your question, no, a note with a cancellation punch is not considered damaged but it will most likely be noted as "cancelled" on the label, not that that's a negative thing either. Long story short, the note will still straight grade. Banknotes can have several stages from Proofs, Specimens, Remainders, Standard Issue, Cancellations and even Re-Denominations. Coins are my main focus as well but banknotes take up most of my time currently and are tons of fun. Good Luck.
  15. The stupid money is definitely a roadblock. It's weird as I've been reluctant to submit raw notes to PMG for some reason, I think mainly I hadn't built up a good stock pile of raw notes and it costs more to have notes graded through PMG compared to coins at NGC. The last time I looked it cost more, anyway. Also, Ukrainian notes were stupid cheap a year or two ago, now not so much...
  16. That's probably the best way to do it. Get raw notes and just keep them or have them graded.
  17. Nope, didn't win a thing. I'll just keep biding my time, eventually I'll acquire the notes I was going after. More than likely I'm going submit my own notes and call it good.
  18. True, but.... I bought the Ukrainian chapter a few years ago for an additional reference to help me determine what the SCWPM was missing or had incorrect and I pick up raw varieties based on that and other references/information. I have several Ukrainian notes that are not listed in the SCWPM and I plan on submitting them eventually. The worst case scenario, I think, is that they will receive the Pick # UNL on the PMG label but that won't stop me from asking for a slot in the registry and I'm pretty sure PMG will acquiesce. Well.... The worst case scenario would be that PMG tells me my notes are phony and body bad them or that they are not Ukrainian, but I've ruled that possibility out completely. It's best that I don't think about it.
  19. I'm tempted to get a subscription to the Banknote Book to see what they have listed for these. You used to be able to buy individual chapters but since they sold out to Greysheet the price went way up and it's a monthly subscription. I hate that. It's $10 for a one month subscription, I found it more accurate for Ukrainian banknotes than the SCWPM. I just go there to read the weekly updates. The Banknote Book (greysheet.com) BanknoteNews – Breaking news about world paper money. Powered by The Banknote Book.
  20. I agree that the SCWPM is less than accurate, but still a great reference, and based on what you are telling me this is another swing and miss. A different printer doesn't mean a separate Pick #, typically, their are several Ukrainian banknotes of the same design/denomination where issues were printed at different facilities. The different printers are even called out under the same Pick # in the SCWPM so I'm ruling that one out. Ok, I just opened the SCWPM to figure out what you're talking about and I'm wondering why there isn't 28a, b & c. Having three different Picks for these seems really odd to me. I think that 29 & 30 need to be merged into 28. While we're at it, might as well change 32 to 31b. You became a prefix collector and didn't know it.
  21. Sigh..... Well, I did it again. Went and completely shot myself in the foot AGAIN. Arrghh! A few weeks ago I wrote a journal entry about how I have been getting skunked at auctions lately and I also eluded to a group of Ukrainian notes being auctioned by Heritage Auctions, a group of WWII issued karbowanez banknotes. Journal entry here... I had bid up the notes that I was going for (Way UP!) and had put noncommittal bids on the other lots. Well guess what? While scouring ebay I came across a group of Ukrainian notes. Karbowanez notes. Very familiar looking notes and all new listings. Yep, the same notes I had bid on at the Heritage auction! Well, this just vigorously inhales! Someone I was bidding against bought these notes to resell on ebay to a Ukrainian banknote collector, like me! The notes were listed on Sept. 22. The 10 and 20 karbowanez were sold as a single lot by Heritage and I wasn't particularly interested in acquiring them so I placed a lowball bid on this lot, hence the winning bidder got these for a decent price and was able to list these on ebay for a reasonable price. The 10 karbowanez has already sold and the 20 will follow soon. I wasn't particularly interested in the 50 karbowanez either as it was not in a grade I wanted, and no EPQ is a bit of a deal breaker for me, so I placed a lowball bid on this note as well. The note sold at Heritage for a low price and is listed on ebay for a fair asking price. This note will probably sell after the 20. The 100 karbowanez is a very attractive note with the grade to prove it, I bid this one up to a respectable price level and it sold at a slightly higher price than others in similar condition, a fair price, but maybe $40 more than I would have expected it to sell for. Since the bidding was higher at Heritage for this note the Buy It Now price on ebay is probably $100 above what I would expect. This note will probably sit for a while but may eventually sell. Finally the 50 karbowanez, one of the three lots I bid way up, a note I would have liked to of won at Heritage but unfortunately lost, and am now forced to look at it on ebay at a ridiculous price. Well, I currently have zero intention of purchasing this note at that price but I will keep an eye on it and maybe, just maybe if it sits unsold for an extended length of time the seller will drop their price or will be willing to deal, but I doubt it. If I hadn't bid this note would have sold for a lot less, I'd bet over $100 less. Yah see, I don't mind a guy or gal trying to make a buck, and I would have gladly paid that buck if I hadn't bid big bucks causing me to not have enough bucks to buy the karbowanez bucks. See. I probably screwed two people over on this one, me and the seller. I wonder about me sometimes.....
  22. Thanks for the reminder. Definitely a sweet pick up at a good price, but what am I missing? Why do these have separate Pick #'s as opposed to a variety Pick #?
  23. 10000 which equals two tenths of a cent. Or at least that's what I came up with after some quick searching. They maybe uncirculated but they are in poor condition all the same, definitely not worth grading.