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  1. +23 = 2,427 100 Hryven + 5 200 Hryven +6 1 Hryvnia +1 1 Karbovanets +1 3 Karbovantsi +2 5 Karbovantsiv +1 100 Karbovantsiv +7 Interesting...... Since I started tracking these on December 30th, the population has gone from 1,821 to 2,427 a 606 note increase. Pretty impressive, since PMG had only been averaging 121 Ukrainian notes per year prior to 2021 and if I take away the 2020 totals I'd bet the average would be much lower. I think it's safe to say the the number of Ukrainian notes graded by PMG has doubled since I started collecting these in late 2018 early 2019.
  2. Glad to read that everyone has been successfully dogging Covid to date, and that is seems everything will be back to normal with a little time and rest. Covid scares are a pain and a sick household is just blah. Definitely time for some retail therapy, but wait for a 68. Yeah, they are putting ZERO effort into redesigning these notes. They just don't care anymore. I think those are great ideas. Links to other notes, yeah I might have to steal that idea when I start building the descriptions for mine. I'm big on describing what's on the note, I love that, there is just so much information there to be dispensed.
  3. I guess I don't see the purpose of slashing 6 zeros IF you want to go to an all digital currency, the same reasoning applies to printing new notes. This half-hearted attempt at a CBDC is just sad, not to mention a digital currency is probably not practical for a large portion of the population anyway. Continually renaming the national currency and chopping off zeros each time is crazy.
  4. They definitely don't know what they are doing. I'm with you, in the quick searching I did this morning I saw a lot of contradictory information out there, I guess we'll see. That is if they even launch the digital bolivar on Oct 1, I have a feeling that it might be a 50/50 proposition still.
  5. It's not looking good for a redesign when they launch the digital bolivar and if they print notes to circulate along with it. I have no idea if this is true, but it's the only image I could find of the digital bolivar. Were they going to print new notes when they launch the digital bolivar or just let the old ones circulate? I don't think they were doing a redenomination at this time.
  6. Someone will figure something out, it would be similar to a NFT.? All they need is to create a design, and boom! Collectable. They wouldn't need serial #s either, I guess, since each would have its own unique blockchain. Can you have a "fancy" blockchain #? I guess this is more cost effective than printing new notes every time you want to lop off six zeros from your currency. Now they'll just have to change the name when they revalue it the next time.
  7. I've been seeing less and less "UNL" Pick numbers, I'm really wondering if PMG didn't take this over in some way or is working directly with the SCWPM. I still haven't seen anywhere that another issue of SCWPM is going to be printed, since Krause dissolved and Penguin bought the rights. I see that they printed their own notes now, guess no one trusted them to pay up after they left TDLR high and dry. I'm with you on the design, maybe next time after the "digital bolivar" crashes and burns, they'll come up with some new designs. I think the digital bolivar is being launched in the next few weeks, and I thought they were releasing "digital bolivar notes". How do you collect those?
  8. Just picked this up today. A Ukrainian 1918 Pick -9b with really good color, as good as you can get with a violet-grey color scheme anyway, and clean with good centering on the front. Passed on a few waiting for one like this to pop up.
  9. Just PMD, no way of telling what happened to it exactly but it does look like it was possibly exposed to extreme heat. Maybe someone with a torch trying to artificially tone it, or it was on top of a fire stove. No matter what happened it didn't happen at the mint.
  10. $20 for a 67 EPQ P64 in 2019 sounds about right, I was kind of expecting the 68 EPQ to sell for around $40-$60. Since I was pretty amped up about this note I put an $87 bid on it and walked away thinking that should be more than enough. I agree that the collector base for these is thin, very thin in my estimation, as there was only two bids on this note. Mine and the snipe.
  11. Well, the trend of getting crushed at auction has continued in earnest this last week with major disappointments, for me, on several fronts. First there was a Ukraine P1b (inverted back, which is the normal orientation for this note. Pick 1a, standard orientation, is the much rarer/harder to find note for this issue.) with a preauction estimate of $400 - $500, it is a lovely note in the old PMG Gen 2 holder with the blue-green tint, I already had a graded example of this note but at a lower grade so I was semi-interested in this note. I bid it up to $450 which was my limit for this one, in the end it sold for $757.50 (price includes BP and shipping). Bye bye P1b. Next were some Zimbabwe notes a P64* (PMG 68 EPQ) and a P64 (PMG 68 EPQ). I wasn't going hard on the P64* but I put what I thought was a healthy bid on it, in the end it sold for $129.50 (shipping and sales tax not included). A few days after the P64* auction ended the regular issue P64 was closing, this note I was really keen on getting, more so than the P64* as it would complete my Zimbabwe Agro Check set all in 68 EPQ and all standard issues (no replacements). Again, I put what I thought was a healthy bid on the note and woke up the next morning to find that someone else valued it more than me, the note ended up selling for $88 (shipping and sales tax not included). Sigh. Next up on the Crushed list were 6 lots of Ukrainian WWII German issued banknotes, I bid on all of the lots but really only wanted two. Three of the lots were duplicate notes that were in the same grade or lower than my current notes, but I was hoping to get a deal, the fourth lot was a note that I didn't own but was not in the condition that I wanted so I lowballed that one as well. Not surprisingly I lost those four lots. Three of the four lots went for just under auction estimates and the fourth went over by $100, no real loss there. Of the two remaining lots I was actually interested in one was a two-note lot both of which would have been upgrades for me, so I bid the lot up to just over $100 above auction estimate and walked away. When I had woke up the next morning to view the results I had lost the auction by $1, with BP the lot had sold for $307.20 (not including shipping). Again, not a crushing blow as I already have these notes, but it would have been nice to have won that lot. The final lot was the note I was really gunning for a Ukraine P 57 and there was a little something special about this note! I wasn't going to mention this but what the heck the person who won this probably already knows but if they don't here you go, the note was an unlabeled Super Radar! Whomever submitted the note must not have paid to have this checked and added to the label or it just got missed at any rate the serial number was 2171712 and I thought since it was not attributed on the label I might get a really good deal here (Wrong!), I was also willing to bid higher than I normally would have for this note because of the fancy serial number. So, we have a P 57 super-radar, Top Pop 66EPQ banknote from 1942 that I don't currently have in my collection. Oooo, so excited! The auction estimate was $250 + I pre-bid it up to $350 and I'm winning the auction, a few days later I'm out bid and I place a few more bids finally stopping at $600. I just couldn't justify going any higher than that, super-radar or not. With BP the note sold for $750 (shipping not included). I guess it was just my week to get chewed up and spit out in the auction circuit and loosing just doesn't feel good most days. So, to ease my pain I went out and picked up a few raw notes. A new 100 UAH commemorative banknote with binary serial #, another 100 UAH commemorative with a ladder serial number (not a true ladder but as close as that note can get with only 30,000 being printed and the serial number being 7 places), and a complete set of Shahiv banknotes. All for a LOT less money than I would have spent on the auctions that I lost. Oh, I picked up a 2021 silver, 30th anniversary 1 hryvnia coin to go with the 30th anniversary banknotes and a couple of 2021 Ukrainian 1/10 gold Archangels as well. It was too good of a deal to pass up. I guess that the high prices realized on these notes is a good thing in the end, that is if I ever choose to sell any of my notes, but I have a feeling I'm really only bidding against a handful of collectors and that these notes will be available again very soon and at much lower prices. At least that has been my experience to date. We'll see.
  12. Can you post a picture of the note in the holder or post the secondary reference number? At the bottom of this article PMG lists a few of the secondary references used. Learn Grading: What are Catalog Numbers? | PMG (pmgnotes.com)
  13. Well, they were exchanged at a rate of 1,000,000 to 1 new sol in 1991, so that note would be equal to 1/100 of a new sol and that would be equal to $0.0024 USD. I might be a little off, math was not my strong point. As far as collector value the note has none, it's a circulated note with several folds, lots of creases and the serial number is not a fancy number. If it was my note I would put it in a top load sleeve or album and leave it just the way it is. Very cool note, I did not know about the Peruvian inti before I saw your note. Thanks.
  14. UPDATE: The 20 & 200 UAH commemorative banknotes are now scheduled to be released in November and the 50 & 1,000 UAH commemorative notes in December. More info to come as it becomes available.
  15. Just got this in the mail today, Binary.
  16. Still getting crushed at auctions, and not by just a little, some 3 - 4 times for what the same notes sold for a year ago. Graded notes seem to be seeing the biggest price jumps. This seems to be more of a U.S. thing, at least in my areas of interest, there is still deals to be had but they are all from overseas sellers/auction houses, I haven't bought anything from a U.S. seller/auction house in a long time. I'll have more of my auction misses later. On a positive note I was able to acquire an IoM coin at a U.K. auction at a VERY reasonable price last week. I had bid on an identical coin late last year which was in not as good of condition and did not have the OGP. The coin last year went for twice the amount I paid for mine this year. I'm pretty confident that the same thing will happen with the banknotes that I've been outbid on, just have to bide my time and wait it out.
  17. Ok we've got some movement this week but it's weird. +60 = 2,404 5 Hryven +1 10 Hryven +1 20 Hryven +1 50 Hryven +1 100 Hryven +1 200 Hryven +1 500 Hryven +28 1 Hryvnia +1 1 Karbovanets +10 5000 Karbovantsiv 1 Karbowanez +1 2 Karbowanez +1 5 Karbowanez +1 10 Karbowanez +1 20 Karbowanez +1 50 Karbowanez +1 100 Karbowanez +1 200 Karbowanez +1 500 Karbowanez +2 200 Karbovantsiv +2 10 Shahiv +1 20 Shahiv +1 Ok, one each of the Karbowanez series makes sense if you were a collector or selling but having (10) Karbovanets and (28) 500 Hryven notes graded doesn't, there's just not that many collectors out there to justify having those notes graded in large quantities, and since none of them appeared to have graded very high (nothing above 68 and very few at that level) I think this seller will have a difficult time selling these.
  18. Well said and congratulations on having assembled these wonderful sets.
  19. Just noticed you're almost to 10,000 views on this Journal, congrats!
  20. They are just loving this thread, some of the ones about the mail order bides were a bit juicy I reported at least one of them.
  21. OMG, we're back! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.