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[Notes] Without A Face (Part 2)

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Fenntucky Mike


As previously mentioned in Part 1 we're comparing three different Ukrainian P # 83x notes with one another, hopefully they are authentic, and with a control note. We previously examined scans of the four notes now let's take a look at all of the notes under UV. 

The control note displays all the typical UV features that are to be expected, UV security fibers, background on the face and latent imprint to the left of the depiction of Lybid. There are varieties of notes with and without the latent imprint and the reddish ting in the image, particularly at the top, is due to the UV light reflecting on the PMG holder. Also, unique to the control note is the mix of gold and blue security fibers that are visible on the face, I (literally just now) viewed several other 5 Karbovantsiv notes under UV, including two other certified notes, and the two different colored security fibers seems to be unique with the light face, dark back ink variety. At this point I'm not going to ignore the fact that the missing face print notes do not have the two different colored security fibers that are visible on the control note, and am wondering if I haven't stumbled across an new variety or a way to identify it. :o


The note returned as QA displays the fibers but is missing all of the UV ink on the face, including the latent imprint. The smudge at the top left-center of the face is still visible and on the righthand side, where the UV visible background would be, is a little streak or blotches of what looks like a match to the gold color UV background, or it could be possible contamination, but the gold-color makes me think not.


The second missing face print note appears similar to the first, with the only noticeable variance being a smudge at the bottom center on the back of the note. It's lighter in color and is only visible under UV, possibly a UV ink smear or something else that is on or touched the note. It's typical to see smudges that appear under UV at the edges of these notes, possibly from handling but this smudge does not appear to be consistent with handling. 


The third note does not appear to have any unusual smudges, smears, or otherwise curious marks under UV.


I'm not a big fan of the visible smudges and ink in central locations of some of the notes but I wouldn't call any of these deal breakers. I am however very excited at noticing the gold-colored security fibers in the control note, and am looking forward to further investigating that. I love when a new lead turns up while investigating something completely unrelated. 

Next, I'll backlight the notes and we can check out the watermarks.



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