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Mexico Revolutionary note S1042

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer


It sure feels good to (Finally) to be back with my currency. But of course, it has to start with a note that needs answers, and a worry it's counterfeit. Since PMG doesn't have any Revolutionary registry sets. I believe I'll make a custom set of those I have.

OK, to begin I'll include my scans:S1042Mexico50CentavosF.thumb.jpg.5bfedfa5f0d36f923d888384f24fcfe6.jpg


Since I can't find my SCW currency book, I'm using the PMG world paper currency pricing and search for whatever note I'm looking for. The face of the note looks OK, but the borders may be showing a little discoloration. Of course, this note is 108 years old.

The reverse is where my question(s) are. The orange seems a little filled in, do you think PMG will dock it and the front borders too? The big question is: the book says there should be a hand stamped treasury seal (either black or violet) on the back, and I sure don't see one. I guess somebody who was stamping could have missed this note. I can't believe someone would counterfeit a low value note like this. Of course, 50 centavos back then maybe was enough.

So I'm hoping a knowledgeable collector would take a look and pass along info on the note.



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Looks good to me, I think it's authentic. Ink's on the heavy side but seems legit, PMG isn't going to dock it for that, the stains, poor centering, etc., yes. The seal missing doesn't worry me as there seem to be several examples with the seal missing, some in PMG holders. It's possible the seal faded, was not applied, or applied poorly. Nice note. 


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An interesting Mexican note - which reminds me that I haven't completed this set and I don't have a 50 centavos example doh!

I do have a couple of 10 pesos examples - one with only two printed signatures and one with two printed and two handwritten, as your note has. One has the stamp on the back and one does not. So it would appear that most combinations are known. Some even have a second set of vertical serial numbers.



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