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I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of [Specimens]! (Part 3)

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Fenntucky Mike


With some grading credits in-hand I sent off a couple of submissions to PMG to help fill out some of my sets, mainly my specimen sets. Since I had the credits, I decided to send in a couple of duplicates, tried for a few upgrades and sent in some notes that are not worth the cost of grading. All-in-all the results were pretty good with no real disappointments or surprises, and PMG updated their Pick #'s to correctly identify all the notes. :golfclap:

The first submission consisted of four notes/certificates with a denomination of 1,050,00 Karbovantsiv, listed as Pick # 101, two of the notes were "issued" and two were remainders. These are large pieces and required the oversized holder which further drove up the cost of the submission, but I definitely wanted to send in at least one example each of a used certificate and a remainder, I sent in two remainders in hopes of improving my odds of a higher grade and I sent in the second used certificate because why not. (shrug) The SCWPM did not list a # 101r, for a remainder, in the last edition so I wasn't sure how PMG would label the notes, since I had sent in examples of "issued" and remainder certificates my hope was that PMG would generate/request a new P# for the 101r. Knowing that it probably didn't exist I entered 101r for the P# on the submission form and sent them in, well, PMG pulled a new P# and labeled the certificates correctly whether how I submitted the notes had anything to do with it I don't know, but I'll take it. :bigsmile: I will say that this seemed to delay the submission for a few weeks as when the notes were first entered and scheduled for grading the following message was attached to the remainders description "N/A X332X due to various cases This note label has been manually entered Please contact Customer Service if you feel that this is an error", eventually this was replaced by UKE101r 1995 1,050,000 Karbovantsiv Ukraine. I imagine that the additional time was to acquire a P# and update their system. (shrug)

The remainders graded 66 & 67, the "issued" notes were both 58 EPQ.



The next submission was a group of modern specimen notes.

First up was a 1991 5 Karbovantsiv note, a tough one to find, and I was worried that PMG wouldn't label this note correctly as they have typically labeled other specimens from this series with only an "s" after the P#. The SCWP does list two different specimens for this note P# 83s1 (SPECIMEN, perforated) and 83s2 (SPECIMEN, red overprint), there are actually five different specimen variants, six if you include the printer's design, and with PMG having previously labeled my P# 81s2 as 81s I was a little nervous. Thankfully the note was labeled correctly and made its way through grading unscathed. I think some recent submissions from other individuals of the s1 notes and possibly my inclusion of both current P#'s in my registry set, may have helped with this. The only problem now is that there are several notes out there with incorrect labels and the PMG population report is lacking in information. Anyway, here's the note!



Next was a 10 Karbovantsiv note from the same series. I had the same concerns with this note as the P# 83s2 but this one made it through and was accurately labeled as well. :bigsmile:



Next up is P# 88s, this note filled in a hole in my NBU - 1991-1995 Issue, P81-P100, Specimen, Complete set. As did the previous two notes. 



Next up was an attempt at an upgrade but the note fell short. 



Another hole filler here in the same set, a tough note to find and I'm happy with a 64 EPQ.



Another try at an upgrade, this one worked out and replaced a 66.



Another upgrade, this one replaced a 65 EPQ. I actually sent in two of these, both graded 66 EPQ, if anyone is looking for one let me know we can probably work out a deal. xD



Another successful attempt at an upgrade, this note replaced a 64 EPQ.



The rest of the notes are after the banking reform in Ukraine and are denominated in Hryvnia, I have to see if I can get the registry to expand the specimen sets for these issues to include varieties, otherwise most of these notes won't have a home.

Someone wrote "UKRAINE" in pencil on the note, I knew about it but since I had the credits, I sent it in anyway.



Pick # 118as



Pick # 119as. I actually sent in two of these as well, both graded 66 EPQ.



Pick # 119As



Pick # 120as



Pick # 121as. I sent in two of these as well, both graded 66 EPQ.



Finally, Pick # 122as



I want to start adding to my 1917-Date Ukraine type set and will probably start pulling together notes to send for a submission in early summer, but you never know what else might pop up in the meantime. :ph34r:

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@Fenntucky Mike great notes and grades, nice range of colours too!:golfclap:The Privatisation Certificate is impressive.

This post reminds me that I have enough 'modern' notes to send for grading, as the Pick number often covers a number of different dates/series etc I find the Population Report is, at best, only a rough guide to the rarity of some issues and some notes from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's are surprisingly difficult to find.

I also have a few, already graded, notes where the designation on the label needs correcting xD

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