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Times Makin' Changes [To Signatures]

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Fenntucky Mike


On Oct 4th, 2022 the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyrylo Shevchenko, submitted, to Ukrainian President Zelenskyi, his letter of resignation siting health issues. :whatthe: Shevchenko has headed the country's Central Bank since July 16, 2020 when he was tapped by Zelenskyi and appointed by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In the past 27 months Ukraine has issued new circulating banknotes in all denominations with his signature, as well as commemorative notes in all denominations of the 30th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence with his signature, plus the upcoming, 500 Hryven, 300th Anniversary of Hryhoriy Skovoroda's birth commemorative banknote, also with his signature. In his brief tenure as head of the NBU, Shevchenko has sought to modernize the banking system and bring Ukraine more inline with international standards and regulations, he has also overseen the NBU over one of its most volatile times since the country gained independence in 1991, the Russian invasion in February of this year and subsequent war, which is still raging. Shortly after Shevchenko submitted his resignation the Verkhovna Rada approved, on October 6th, resolution No. 8104 dismissing Shevchenko's from all duties, his effectiveness as Head of the NBU will be scrutinized and debated in the years to come but his legacy will forever live on with the 13 banknotes that his signature resides upon.


A new Governor of the NBU has already been appointed, Andriy Pyshnyi, who was nominated by Zelenskyi on Oct 7th and appointed by the Verkhovna Rada the same day, making him the 12th Governor of the NBU since Ukraine's Independence in 1991. Pyshnyi promised to continue "ensuring that the central bank remains an independent regulator with strong institutional capacity.", along with focusing on "macroeconomic stability" in the short term. He will also have the monumental tasks of ensuring that the banking system in Ukraine continues to run in a smooth uninterrupted manner during wartime and securing the needed international funding and support from the IMF, U.S. and others for reconstruction and recovery after the war and acceptance into the EU. The schedule for the next production run of banknotes is not known at this time but when they are printed, Pyshnyi's signature will most likely be on them.


I suspect it is to late to alter or have new plates made for the scheduled 500 Hryven Skovoroda and 20 Hryven "WE WILL NOT FORGET! WE WILL NOT FORGIVE!" commemorative banknotes slated for December but we'll see what happens. (shrug) I have crossed paths with some 2022 commemorative Skovoroda notes being offered but have yet to see an official press release from the NBU on the subject so I can't confirm their authenticity at this time. Buyer beware.  (thumbsu 


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