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The Gang Visits Czechoslovakia

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When resources are scarce you make due....

I don't know about most people but I prefer to have physical copies or coin and banknote books for reference. And while the Standard Catalog of World Banknotes is a great resource sometimes it leaves some to be desired. For a while I have been looking for a book that is specifically about Czechoslovakia, unfortunately a book like that simply doesn't exist in English. I have great resource for Latvian Banknotes by Lee Gordon. It is in English, readily available, and has large full color photos of

VE Coins

VE Coins in Czech It Out

Czechoslovakia Contemporary Counterfeit

So recently Mike has been sharing a lot of contemporary counterfeit Ukrainian notes and so I figured that I would share kind of along the same lines.  The Czechoslovakia P#5 1000 korun which is an Austrian 1000 korun with a red stamp printed onto the Hungarian side of the note. This stamp turned the old currency of the Austro Hungarian Empire into "new" Czechoslovakian currency. These were issued in the newly founded nation for a short time period in 1919 and 1920 before new banknotes were

Czechoslovakia Pt 1

Been wanting to start a journal to detail my journey as I work towards as complete as I can get collection of Czechoslovakia P1-98. I say as complete as possible because 100% completion is unlikely to happen since some issues are incredibly rare.  I got back a submission of 9 notes last month and am happy with the grades that I received for the most part. All notes were acquired raw and self submission which will probably be how most of the early notes are added. Most of the later, Soviet E