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Czech it Out

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May Update

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VE Coins


This evening I got the email notification that my PMG submission had shipped out and so I immediately checked the results. I am super excited by the results and I'll explain why. Last summer I was browsing new Czechoslovakian banknote listings when I came across one with a couple ratty looking bills as the first picture.



It said 6 bills so I looked at the pictures and hidden on the next pictures where 3 notes from 1919 that looked beautiful. The seller had it as an auction starting at $5 but they also had a make an offer option. Not knowing if the notes were real and with it not being a banknote seller I made an offer of $120 hoping it would be enough to entice them and they accepted. When I got the notes in the mail the next week my heart sank a little. The 50 korun 1919 felt wrong compared to the rest of the notes and I couldn't find the watermark. The paper felt very slick. I was a bit bummed, still excited that I got the rest of the notes and even if the one was wrong I still got a good deal on the rest. I kept researching the note looking at ones for sale and trying to find resources that talked about it. I still figured it was a fake but kept it with my Czech notes trying to determine if it truly was or not. It is the only Czech note printed using lithography. Eventually when I was getting my submission ready I decided that I would send it with. I was on the fence, the details were all right but the feel was still wrong to me.

But I took the chance.


And I am super excited that it came back legitimate. It is unfortunately not in the best condition. It has tears and annotations on the back. But I am stoked. The last one to sell on heritage was in 2019 it was graded a 30 and went for $1500 and currently on Aukro.cz there is a graded example in 25 very fine that is listed for 55000 czk = ~$2500 usd. I cant wait to get this back and see it in person.

I'll probably have another post here soon because I have some other notes that I'm excited about in this submission but I just wanted to share this.






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Great result!

Given the lack of decent references for many/most countries it wouldn't surprise me if most dealers do not realise how rare all sorts of notes are. It is relatively easy to still make new discoveries even for well documented countries like Mexico.You now need to find some more, then publish the book, and only then sell your collection.:ph34r:xD

Are there old family collections of Czech banknotes anywhere? If so, it would be fascinating to discover what does still exist, or not - no doubt a project for several lifetimes.:bigsmile:


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