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Iowa Silver Baron Bammer


When, When, When?

I see this is my first journal entry over here in notes for over a year. I haven't intentionally been ignoring the currency, it's just I've been thinking more about coins, and my collecting goals for coins for the last year or so. Since I've caught up on the coins, and also caught up on scanning my currency, I figured it was time to catch up and set some currency goals.

But first, I'd like to maybe vent a little here. I must first say I feel NGC does a fine job over a range of coins and currency. That's the big reason I stay here, along with the fine people in the Collector's Society.

But my vent (and question) is: WHEN, WHEN, WHEN is NGC going to start grading stocks for us (by us I mean Collector's Society's members)???? I know dealers have had the option for about 3 years now. I have several stocks I would love to put in my Railroad and Wild West currency signature sets, but gee whiz, I can't because I CAN'T get them graded.

I don't know if anyone else here who collects currency also like stocks and bonds. My personal opionion is they're really close cousins, if not brothers, as the engravings and vignettes on the certificates are just as gorgeous and just as intricate as on currency.

So please NGC, hear my plea!!! Please tell me you're start doing stocks. Thank you all very much for reading.

As per my custom I'm attaching a photo, today it's the front of my gorgeous Davenport, Clinton & Eastern Railway stock certificate.




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