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Some Bright Orange, Plus a Darker Shade Mixed In

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer


Since I've been ready to get back in, have been looking through my raw notes, especially Mexican and ABNC notes. I came across this note which is one of my favorites. The obverse looks gorgeous to me, but I'm afraid the reverse may knock the grade down. Having been a pressman, really looks like there is a darker shade mixed in. I can see it especially in the largest 10s in the middle down the sides, plus the upper left 10. Or possibly the press hasn't been cleaned up good enough to get rid of the old ink.

How much will PMG deduct (if any??) I guess I would knock it down some, as the orange should be nice and bright. I know how hard it is to clean out the old ink. Honestly I've had to clean up again, one time I had to go to a yellow  on a rush job, and it took me three washups. I think I'd be lucky to get a 62 with an EPQ regardless.




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Do you think some of it is bleed through from the font of the note or just looks darker in those areas due to the design on the front? I can see the shadow of the front in the margins, of course the front vignette and boarders don't match the darkness you're seeing in the columns between the denominations and upper left 10. hm You're probably right about the ink being mixed in/not cleaned off. 

It probably does drop the grade a point, maybe, the note has some staining and what looks like some paper loss at the bottom right? EPQ is questionable to me, I think it's out the window, and more like a 60.

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