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A First Baby (Grading) Steps

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer


I have several steps in my journey back. First will be my Mexican notes, I'll only will be able to grade (at most) 5 notes at a time. I know I have one early German note to do, will probably start a Signature Set for what few I'll have. My dad brought back a few from France (this registry set has 26 notes, if I counted correct). I'll probably grade those and then look to buy a bunch. Same way with the German AMC's he brought back also. However, the German  set has about 30 slots, so frankly I don' know what I'll do. I may just get one of each type. Mexico is a big bunch of notes, at least to do some ABNC notes. One set I looked at only has 7 notes, so that may be a good, don't know how expensive they will be.

Then I have at least 2 Sig Sets I want to do. Then there is a 1953 Silver Certificates to do and possibly a $2 note set. Then at least 2 Canadian sets and a couple of Canadian coin sets and maybe a Sac dollar set I have started. Guess it will depend on how much cash I can raise.

The big task right task now will be to figure out the new Journal format. Looks to me like PMG changed it enough since April, I'm lost on how to do it. Tonight however I have 2 notes I'd like to attach to show how nice my new scanner is. If I get stuck with this entry, I hope one of you top posters will help me out. I'm kinda/sorta embarrased because in 2006 and 2011 I did get a plaque each year for best journals.

OK her goes the notes to be attached and then relax and watch some TV.

Well couldn't bring my notes over, hope someone can give me a hand.



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That's a very ambitious list of sets you have there, good luck in assembling them. (thumbsu

You can drag and drop a picture right into your post, the only restrictions are that it needs to be a jpg, gif, tiff, etc., and under 4.88MB in size. That's me working off of my desk top, not sure if using a phone is any different.

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I also collect Mexican notes and at the moment they are from all over time and place as the variations are immense - I am still finding many unrecorded control letters etc in the Revolutionary issues which is turning into a lifetime rabbit hole but it keeps the mind active.xD

Graded notes are even more of a challenge and, like you, I may have to submit a few to fill in gaps - as some of the Registry Sets have lots of slots and/or have almost impossible notes in them I too can see a few Signature sets on the Horizon :ph34r:

Good luck

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To Fenntucky and ColonialCoinsUK, thanks to both of you for the comments. I really understand what you mean Colonial , I'm thinking that I'll be having more Signature sets rather than normal registry sets. For example the ABNC set has over 120 notes, there is no way I feel I'll complete it, for lack of cash and lack of  years to do it. I'm not getting any younger.

I'm going to give adding scans again today Fenntucky, so wish me luck.

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