First Obsolete Note, And First Wild West Currency Signature Set Entry

Iowa Silver Baron Bammer


Let's hunt buffalo!

Finally I've found a note so I can start my Wild West Currency Edition Signature set. I've really thought my first additions to my signature set would be a Chief note and/or a Bison note. But I couldn't pass this one up.

The note is an Obsolete note from the Western Exchange Fire & Marine Insurance Co., from Omaha, Nebraska. It's a $3 note and has a red THREE overprint. The center vignette is a mounted Indian chasing a buffalo, and when I saw it on a Teletrade auction a few days ago, I had to have it. :-) I think I overpaid a little, but that's OK because I sure like it.

It's an unsigned note (does that make it a remainder)????

I'm attaching a scan, and you can also see it in my set.




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