Prices of Notes Going Up?
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I know this a bit of a tired subject in regards to other collectables but I only bring this up because I was just destroyed in an auction today for some U.S. scrip but in my other major collecting area, Ukrainian banknotes, I haven't really noticed any significant prices increases as of yet. Nor have I noticed increases in Michigan Nationals for the most part.

This is the piece, the same note, condition, date and signatures could be had for significantly less within the last year. I'm going to chalk it up as an anomaly at this point. Anyone seeing price increases in other areas?


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8 hours ago, Revenant said:

The price on everything is going up... assuming you can get it at all. (shrug)

True that.

In general I'm not really seeing any increases in most notes I've purchased the last year compared to the previous. There will be to occasional battle over a high grade, 68 - 69, but beyond that nothing earth shattering. The note in the OP I'm going to chalk up as an anomaly, I have two of those notes and they were both under $50 a piece, one I purchased roughly 6 months ago. When a note that typically goes for around $50 sells for almost $200 your mouth tends to drop. I guess I'm just wondering if banknotes are late to the game and if we will see significant price increases similar to other collecting sectors. Hmmm, that's what I should have said in the OP. 

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Still getting crushed at auctions, and not by just a little, some 3 - 4 times for what the same notes sold for a year ago. Graded notes seem to be seeing the biggest price jumps.  This seems to be more of a U.S. thing, at least in my areas of interest, there is still deals to be had but they are all from overseas sellers/auction houses, I haven't bought anything from a U.S. seller/auction house in a long time. I'll have more of my auction misses later.

On a positive note I was able to acquire an IoM coin at a U.K. auction at a VERY reasonable price last week. I had bid on an identical coin late last year which was in not as good of condition and did not have the OGP. The coin last year went for twice the amount I paid for mine this year. ^^ I'm pretty confident that the same thing will happen with the banknotes that I've been outbid on, just have to bide my time and wait it out.

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