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  1. I like the 50 Star note, a nice find out of circulation. Probably a spender though, if it is not UNC
  2. That's a shame, getting a Star note with a problem on it. Most of my later Stars came from circulation. It's always great to get them out of circulation, but I agree 100% with Mike and Revenant, on a current issue $100, spend it, unless you keep a cash float handy in which case it can live there for nostalgic reasons.
  3. Bathroom wall paper especially. It actually makes for very good wall paper! And educational.
  4. I remember these, used to have a few of them way back. 1976 is a nice year to have, better than 1995. I agree with Fenntucky Mike, he is spot on with the value. I have seen some of these framed for display too. Nice to have.
  5. Wall paper! I have seen Weimar notes used as a very colourful wall covering.
  6. I am trying to build up an inexpensive example of each of the overprints, some more coming up in a few weeks in London auction. These overprints occur both for Syria and Lebanon, so I will have to collect them in stereo!
  7. That's a super 1000 bill. My favourite US note (my own one is only VF!). Definitely have them graded if you are thinking of selling, imo.
  8. One of the things about Republic of Ireland notes is that they are relatively scarce in grade 66-68. The issues stopped in 2001 when the country joined the Euro. £50 and £100 were relatively large denomination notes, and while £50 notes were circulated through cash machines, the £100 denomination was not. The only way to obtain £100 notes in UNC was to to them from a bank. Imho, the PMG populations of Republic of Ireland notes are not a reflection of what is out there, very few Irish notes have been graded, relatively speaking - few Irish collectors go for it, and just dealers who trade abroad seem to submit notes fro grading, from looking at notes at shows.
  9. Nice notes to have. Citizen's Bank of Louisiana bills have always been my favorites among the broken banks, common in UNC, though tricky to get a well centered example.
  10. And, getting the notes graded, they usually weigh in at 68, will tend to push the prices even higher!
  11. Got this last month. I love these 1939 overprints!
  12. Northern Ireland notes are not actually Legal Tender issues, but are issued by the commercial banks, and widely used in Northern Ireland. They will also be accepted in parts of Scotland, and can be exchanged in banks in England, Scotland and Wales. The number of banks participating in the Northern Ireland Issue has been falling gradually, with First Trust announcing recently that it will cease its note issue, and complete withdrawal from circulation in 2022. This leaves just three banks issuing notes, down from six in 1929 when the Northern Ireland issue first started. Some information on Northern Ireland notes.
  13. This has been happening to more recent Irish notes in UNC. An example is the 1996 Central Bank of Ireland £100, and £50 (1995-2001) which sell for a cutting edge price in quantity. There is a big market in Asia for strict UNC Irish notes [four sharp original corners, no counting crease, a 68-70], and probably for those of other countries also. Lower denominations of recent Irish notes are also doing very well in UNC.
  14. I do have some of the Weimar inflation notes from ca1923, in my collections, and the more recent Zimbabwe issues. I have always found notes with lots of zeros on them to be great fun.
  15. I have collected banknotes for over 30 years. I find our hobby healthy though not growing. Before covid put them into hibernation, I used to go to lots of shows. Most collectors who attended were in the 30-60 age group. I see few young collectors coming into the hobby. 20 years ago there were more younger collectors about. Whatever younger people are collecting, they don’t seem to be going for banknotes so much! However, I do see banknote collecting as a hobby continuing as there will always be an interest in monetary items, even if banknotes become a thing of the past. Also, as has been pointed out here, there is a good supply of attractive inexpensive lower grade notes out there for us to collect.
  16. Interesting. I have seen a general rise in prices for banknotes that I collect: Ireland and Northern Ireland. There have been several sales in DNW, London recently in which the trend is generally upward in better grade items and rarities. The most recent DNW sale included some early Irish notes in the period 1905-1927, which were both rare and or in good grade (VF or better). The Lots were heavily contested, and prices realised for these were very strong, at several times estimate. It should be added that these notes had not been seen on the market for rather a long time, and some were the best known examples of issues where only two or three example were known. Rarity and nice grade are a good combination.