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  1. Just so I can find/ remember this later: ISO currency codes: Old Bolivar: VEB Bolivar Fuerte: VEF Bolivar Soberano: VES Bolivar Digital: VED
  2. Agreed. Very curious on how it will look in hand. Simon Bolivar - the Zimbabwe bird of Venezuela. He is on everything now.
  3. This seems to confirm we're getting a coin for the 1 Bolivar Digital.
  4. Be still, my beating heart... The back does look different / new. Five more bank notes to buy....
  5. According to some redditors the first 2 denominations are in the wild but I haven't seen anything yet and I haven't seen the back, just the front. Hoping for at least a new back design. I really want that coin to be a thing so I can buy a bunch and send a couple in with my 2022 Z coin submission.
  6. I found a Yahoo Finance article that takes the digital bolivar - newly born less than 2 weeks ago - and throws it right under the bus. Let's just lay it all out there: So I guess, after a lot of uncertainty and talk and murkiness, it is official. It's not a CBDC. It is not blockchain based. This is like the Long Island Ice Tea company renaming themselves "Long Island Blockchain" to cash in on the hype and get bid up - which actually worked on at least a short term basis for the company I think. How sad... They don't even want to bother printing the notes anymore but they can't go cashless because too much of what little of an economy is left depends on cash transactions. Per the article, just like in Zimbabwe, the 3rd redenomination is more about banking, computers and software than anything else. Also like in Zimbabwe with the 4th dollar (now the 4th Bolivar) it is going to be large irrelevant because the economy is mostly dollarized and using the US dollar and the people are fleeing / rejecting the new currency before it even gets out the gate. So, at this point we're up to three redenominations having removed 3, 5 and 6 zeros respectively. So Venezuela is up to having lopped off 14 zeros in 3 redenominations in about 14 years.. Zimbabwe did 3, 10, and 12 and removed 25 zeros in 3 changes of currency in about 3 years- making the Venezuelan's look like amateurs! Total novices, really. I was pretty against the idea of continuing past P-114 when I thought this was going to have a blockchain component. Given that this is just a new fiat currency with a disingenuous name, I'm a little more inclined to continue with the new Bolivares. This does kind of wreck my "Strength and Sovereignty" name... "Strength and Sovereignty, Blown to Digital Bits?" .
  7. Well, in about 22 days we enter the freeze and slots can't be added until after the cut-off at that point. Personally I don't know how much I care when slots get added. I'm sure it'll happen and when it does they'll buy notes and be beating me a month later. I don't really focus on my Soberano competitive set even to the extent that I have "Operation Sunrise" or "Zombie Dollars." I see "Gradually, Then Suddenly" and "Strength and Sovereignty" as my flagships and I think PMG does too. And I run those shows. Edited to add: I have 2 of 3 new notes now, so soon them getting more aggressive won't matter to me much. Lol
  8. I keep finding myself eye-balling 68EPQ examples of the P-1b, the P-11b and things like that in the sub-$40 range and I think I'm not going to be able to fully talk myself down from upgrading over time even though the practical side of me says I shouldn't. Collecting, ultimately, is not practical. Lol I keep trying to tell myself that 66EPQ notes are perfectly good, gem uncirc examples and rationalizing that the difference between a 68 and a 66 is subtle at best - especially in the holders - and that the 66s are perfectly consistent with the goals I set for the set in 2015... But things have changed since 2015! The 68s aren't $100 anymore. Contrary to what one dealer in Florida has been hyping for 6+ years, most of these have not held up well and people paying top dollar for 68s in 2015 are sitting on steep drops in value now. Which will help serve as a reminder to keep the prices I pay on the lower side and not completely forget practicality. I've paid over $100 a few times now for some specific notes and that may even happen again but I get really reluctant around $50. And I think a slow, gradual upgrade process may be inevitable. I just don't know that I'll be able to fully keep myself from impulse buys over time as I also work on other things and this becomes less of a major focus for me. To my surprise, I even find myself, I think for the first time, considering upgrading my 10G coins - getting MS66s to bump up some of the 65s and make that set just that little bit stronger over time - the 1876 and 1877 are particularly appealing for this. They're common and pop up in MS66 often enough to make it an easy and affordable upgrade if I ever decide to bite the bullet. But those will be harder sells. I suspect those will have to wait until after I get 20 Kroner and Swiss 20F coins that I want for my world gold type set.
  9. Mike and my favorite paper-crack-dealer had this and a 114a 1 Million note ending in auctions at 2AM last night. This one had no bids on it when I went to bed last night at 11PM and so I bid the starting bid and went to sleep. Woke up today to find that I won it for $34.99 all in. The 114a got a sniper late at night and went for $35+shipping. I have 1 main source of competition in this series that seems to have been largely ignoring these, I guess because they don't have competitive set slots yet.
  10. NGC is $18 for modern coins where PMG is $20 for modern notes. So, higher but not really a big deal. I'm mentally expecting to pay $20/coin to submit z coins next year as I'm expecting a price increase. The dealers like notes hobby can submit in bulk for $13-14 per note, which is why it tends to be cheaper for us to buy from them than self-submit for most cheap modern stuff. At the point where I can get a guaranteed 68EPQ for $35 I'm not going to pay $20 + note cost + shipping to take a chance.
  11. You just have to ride it out. It stinks but... funny thing being there were p-40, p-45, and p-46 zimbabwe notes I could have bought instead of grading my own. As Bonez did apparently. I just absolutely wasn't willing to pay the stupid money some people were demanding for "bleh" grades.
  12. Well, he apparently bought a bunch of notes he didn't want and, while he might make some money on some of them, if he takes a bath on the one you bid up I'm sure he's not gonna pocket much for the time and effort and being out his cash a while. You didn't get the notes you wanted this time but you can just wait - always more opportunities, my friend. So... did you win anything at an inflated price??? The post leaves me a bit unclear on this. The real winners here will be Heritage and eBay, who will pocket fees every step of the way while we smack each other like stooges.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised if they helped you out but it might be hard / interesting to see how they slot them in and categorize them if they don't fit into the Pick system. You might get what you want in a way you don't much like.
  14. I agree, 100%, which is why, even though for a long time my goal was a pick set, I just largely shrugged at the idea of not having these. I only had separate open slots for them for a while now because they are, technically, for now, different pick numbers that I didn't / don't have. But if you think I didn't know I was a prefix collector you haven't looked at my GTS set close enough, or the fact that for about a year now there have been 2 P-6 notes with different prefixes. While accuracy counts for a lot, if it isn't what PMG goes by I don't know how helpful it is for the registry.
  15. I don't know... All I can say, in the politest way possible, is that the SCWBN is not always... entirely... internally consistent... it feels like? So... P-28 and P-30 have different dates of issuance with one being 10/1/2005 and 2/1/2006. But P-23 has varieties a, b, c, d, e, AND f and the only difference between e and f is the redemption date. And they would have done that with categorizing 23, I would think, before categorizing this as 28 and 30... With 29 at least it seems likely that they had a different printer, but I haven't found a source that confirms this for me. But that still leaves me wondering why we don't have P-28a, P-28b, and P-29. I'm wondering if they Printed the 28s themselves, then printed the 29s through G&D, and then printed the 30s themselves or had someone else print them for them, and they decided to split the 30s out into a new pick number because of the shifting back and forth.
  16. I was just messing around online and on eBay and I saw that one of my favorite dealers, who has been powering my set's (and my competition's set, and Mike's thrice cursed upstart of a set) towards completion, was listing a 67 EPQ grade copy of the P-29 note. It isn't competition for the 68 EPQ note that someone has in their set (not that I'm much competition for them grade / pointwise these days anyway ) but it's still a great, superb gem copy of the note that was available for sale at a reasonable price that I could just buy and didn't have to have a slap-fight over and lose at the last second to a sniper, so I took it. I got it for $33.80, which I think is solid for this one. The P-28 and P-29 are two notes that you need for a complete pick set but I haven't been overly concerned about them - I've been okay with not having them in the set because they are almost identical to the P-30, which is far more common. The main differences are the serial number prefixes - the issue dates and redemption dates are the same. The P-28 has an earlier issuance date (Oct 2005) but prefixes starting with A like the P-30. But, with this one popping up, I wanted it, I can afford it, the price seemed reasonable, and so I just got it. Getting a P-29 takes a small bite out of the last major hole in GTS, which is dominated by the oh-so-hard to get and oh-so-expensive in any condition Cargill Bearer Checks. At one time I'd collapsed 28-30 and 31-32 into 2 slots instead of 5 just because they were such low priorities for the set. But... we're coming to the end. And the set can't truly be complete without them. I showed my wife an image / screencap of the whole set, just to show off how far it had come and I was super proud of it and the first thing she says is, "What are all those up there?" pointing to the big, gaping, hole. My P-32 was the first note from this group and it was a 66 EPQ that I got for cheap. I may convince myself to bump that up one day to get a 68... but I'd rather add a P-31. Near to the end folks... About time for the RBZ to start pumping out another 25 note series!
  17. Given that the tomb of the unknown soldier is in the National Heroes Acre, I'd be surprised if there isn't a statue to her somewhere in that same, very large, park. No clue why they decided to use here or that statue here though. The tomb / memorial to the unknown soldier is only shown 1 other time, on P-81.
  18. I finally found a reference that names who the person on the back of the new $50 note is supposed to be... Nehanda Charwe Nyakasikana, aka Mbuya Nehandra A female hero of the “Chimurenga,” or what is now called the “First Chimurenga,” which was the war of the native Africans to fight the British South Africa Company in an attempt to stop the colonialization of Rhodesia / Zimbabwe. She was a spirit medium and spirit leader of the Shona. She was captured and executed in 1898. It is believed she was born around 1840 and she would have been 45-50 at the time of her death. In the lead up to and after independence (the war for independence became the “2nd Chimurenga“) she was honored by Zimbabweans with statues, street names, naming hospitals, songs, novels and poems. I'm wondering what they based the image on. I can't imagine there are many surviving photos or portraits of someone who was born, lived, and died in pre-colonial Southern Africa, but I could be wrong about that. By 1890 photography was getting more accessible. Wikipedia just shows the one image: It looks like there are a LOT of statues of her in Zimbabwe based off this one image but it does look like there are others.
  19. I may not / probably won't actually implement it as links. Probably just, "Go look at this not for more."
  20. So August was a crazy month with the move and both kids starting new schools and Shandy starting a new job and the cruise. September hit with sickness, covid scares, dead car batteries... So the news of the Digital Bolivar hitting around August 6th was pretty much perfect timed for me to completely miss it. What time I did devote to coin and currency collecting mostly went to obsessing over my Zcoin submission. Yes! The BCV timed the release of this leak to thwart me! I do not overstate my own importance with this post at all in any way. This announcement of a Digital Bolivar seems like a disappointment and a mess rolled into one... these 5 new notes all using the same portrait of Bolivar that they have used for the last 7 VES notes... Talk about phoning it in... Also... A coin!!! I wants it! I'm gonna get it! While they did essentially change the colors and reprint from the first to the 2nd series of the VEF, when they did the 2nd redenomination and rolled out the VES you got a new 8-note series with mostly new portraits (mostly) and new back designs. When they reused the portrait from P-108 for P-109 to P-114 we at least got a new back design. I haven't seen the back of these yet but I'm REALLY hoping they at least changed the back to a new image / park/ landmark. The articles I've seen suggest that there will indeed be new physical notes for the new "Digital Bolivar," which honestly makes almost no sense. I just read this and think, "Why?!?" How is it even a digital currency if you print notes? There's been some confusion from what I've seen on if the new Digital Bolivar will be blockchain based or not but I just can't imagine why they wouldn't make it block hair based - the petro was going to be, if it had ever really gotten off the ground. I guess we'll see if this one does better than the petro. I kinda doubt it. But if this tanks they'll have tainted the name "Digital Bolivar" forever. About 3 or 4 months ago I'd rather foolishly drafted out comments / descriptions about some of this for P-112, P-113, and P-114 notes, wrongly thinking that there wouldn't be more major developments until 2022 and I'd get to buy those three notes and have those comments be reasonably current for a while. Well, I now own 1 of those 3 notes, and those comments have been dated for almost 1.5 months. Back to the editing room...
  21. It's a half-hearted, non-committal approach that dooms the whole venture to failure before it starts. By not going all in they'll never get the population to adopt it and believe in it. The 3rd redenomination in Zimbabwe and the 4th dollar was almost 100% about the fact that computerized banking systems are not designed to deal with numbers in the quadrillion and quintillion range. They were forced into it by computer overflow errors.
  22. Funny thing is I did 3s deliberately in an attempt to be plural because the images weren't showing in the gallery for the 3d or the 3e, which were added at the same time. But it's good. It let me test your fix on the 3e and it worked. So I'm just gonna shrug and call it good. GREMLINS!
  23. Well, it sounds like a mixed bag and a mess. It sounds like there WILL be a 3rd redenomination that is going to remove 6 zeros and there WILL be 5 new bank notes. Some things say that this will NOT have a blockchain component and it will not be a CBDC, some say it will, some say it will be a text-message-based / phone-based payment system similar to some of the things you see in Africa. I had missed most of these announcements a few months ago. I may have to re-work my P-113 description that a wrote a few months ago and just posted. It's hard to deal with these things and making these set descriptions these days. The designs are giving me nothing new to talk about and the story from the BCV is constantly in flux and I don't think they even know what they're doing at this point.
  24. Today is a day that might lead to retail therapy, but I’m going to try to convince myself to not waste money on a knee-jerk purchase that I’m not going to want in the long term. The leading contender for bad ideas is a New P-114 Venezuela note - the new 1 Million Bolivar note. There's a 67 EPQ on sale for not much money but I know long term I'll want a 68EPQ and it won't cost that much more when one comes up. There is also a lot of strong cheap wine in the house... so there's that. So, Sam spiked a 102 degree fever last night. Brought him home and put him to bed with Ben. He woke up this morning still running hot but still acting pretty happy. We figured he would just burn through whatever and be fine, he’d just probably have to stay home tomorrow. Ben, on the other hand… Ben woke up seeming mostly okay, was complaining of stomach pains by 7:30 and was puking by 8:00 AM… so off to Urgent care we go! Another $150 copay later… Both are still Covid-negative. Ben has a stomach virus. He’s looking at about 72 hours of misery while Shandy and I try to keep the rest of us from getting it. I don't think I've seen Ben decline so hard so fast since he got the flu 4 years ago. I'm hoping at least some of the $195 in copays I've made in the last 10 days will come back from BCBS later - at least hopefully the $75 for Sam. Sam, the one we thought didn’t really need to go in, the one we thought was fine, has an ear infection. He’s on anti-biotics now. He’d been acting fine but by the time we got him home he was starting to grab his ear and show signs of discomfort. So both kids are sick with unrelated illnesses, falling ill within 18 hours of each other. That’s parenthood for you! But since Sam does NOT have what Ben has, we need to try to keep Ben from getting Sam sick. I have a long list of things in my eBay watch list calling my name right now… So many temptations to go next to that P-114. I also just keep getting tempted to buy a P-109a and a P-104 in 65EPQ for $15 each but... That's a road to future regret, and I know it. I got the latest addition to my Venezuela set in yesterday and added it to my signature set. There’s currently no competitive slot for it. It’s a P-113. I got this from the mailbox last night, opened it up, opened my laptop, looked at my wife and said, "Sorry. I have to go full nerd now." I’m thinking that, unless they go all-in with the digital bolivar and don’t issue any more notes, they really need to change the design up after these. It is getting hard to get excited about these things with them all looking… oddly the same, shall we say. My wife likes to poke fun at my Zimbabwean P-1 type set - which is basically a signature collection - but other than color and numbers there may be even less difference between these Venezuela notes. At least the P-1 varieties have different signatures and (sometimes) different watermarks. Below we have P-108, P-109b, P-110a, P-110b, P-111a, P-111b, and P-113a. I was looking at my comments for the Zimbabwe 3rd dollar set recently and I think I might try to go back soon and bolster those with some more information on what’s shown in some of the images on the back of the notes. I'm thinking about building in references or links to other notes in the set (1st dollars) where I talk about the Zimbabwe Ruins in more detail, adding information on St. Mary's Cathedral and the Parliament Building.... It’s a little funny to me in that I was very happy with where I’d gotten that signature set to heading into the awards last year - and it did win! - but now I’ve done such a massive expansion and revamp of it and I feel that it has really been kicked up a notch this year.