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  1. There is normally a 72-hour wait time when someone claims a note to be his. Automated emails are sent to the previous owner and to the person claiming to be the new owner. After the 72-hour time period, if the previous owner does not contest ownership of the note, the note is automatically transferred to the new owner. If the previous owner does contest the transfer of the note, then we proceed from there. ***Please wait until you have the note in hand before entering it into your PMG collection.
  2. Hello and thanks for your interest. All sets are eligible for awards. Please click here:
  3. Hello. P63-65 slots were added in June. Please let us know if you need further assistance. Thanks.
  4. Hello. These two notes will remain non-competitive. Thank you for your interest.
  5. **Why is this note marked as "non-competitive" in my PMG Competitive Registry Set?** There are many factors involved when making the decision to mark a note as "non-competitive, for display, only" in a PMG Registry Set. These factors may include low mintage, difficulty in obtaining/purchasing the note, and an unusually high price in relation to the other notes required to fill the set. These factors are carefully considered when our senior numismatic team makes the decision which is done on a note-by-note basis. If a note is “non-competitive; for display, only,” then it does not count toward percentage completion of a set. For example, if there are ten slots/notes listed in a set, and one of them is “non-competitive,” then a collector only needs 9 notes to be at 100% completion. This functionality enables a collector who can afford the rare or very expensive collectible to still display his unique find to others while also enabling a competitive atmosphere that is attractive to all interested collectors. We aim to make 100% completion of any PMG Registry set attainable for our average collector.
  6. Hello, Revenant. I realized you meant 3d, not 3s. (They are way too close on the keyboard...) I downloaded the images to my own computer, deleted them from your Sig set, and then I added them back again. That worked, for whatever reason. Thanks.
  7. Hello, Muzzer42. We created this new set on August 6th. Thanks for your interest.
  8. Hi, Mike. We have added the slot. Thanks.
  9. Log in to PMG Collectors Society here: Click Control Panel. Scroll down and click Note List.
  10. Log in to PMG Collectors Society here: Click Control Panel. Scroll down and click Note List.
  11. Hello. My apologies if I am not understanding your requests. Please click here for the comprehensive list of existing district and series sets for $5 SSFRN notes and let us know if you need further assistance:
  12. Hello and thanks for your interest. This themed set is more appropriate for a Custom/Signature PMG Registry set.
  13. Hello. We see you successfully added the note to your two sets. Thank you.
  14. Hello, Ian, and thank you for your interest. This certification number is already in our administrative queue to review and approve as of yesterday, 6/21/21. We process these in the order they are received. Thank you for your patience.
  15. Hi, Mike. Thanks for the requests. Your Eritrea note is eligible here: Category: Eritrea Set Name: Bank of Eritrea, 1997-Date, P1-Date Your Northern Ireland note is eligible here: Category: Ireland Set Name: Danske Bank, 2008-Date, P210-Date