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  1. Something went badly wrong with that brief maintenance but I'm glad to be back at last.
  2. The scam bot accounts are getting a bit out of hand at the moment... I've never seen them stack 3 deep on a thread before.
  3. That was a long outage... but.... I have returned! Just in time too. I have a fun new note coming in a week or so to talk about... and more on the way me thinks!
  4. I added my P-3s to my signature set recently but, even though I've added pictures, the pictures aren't showing in the gallery screen:
  5. As it is I'd add them in GTS between the 4th dollars and the new dollars, like I do my US notes and the 20 Rand now. I have considered splitting GTS into two parts and having the "old dollars" (p-1 to p-98) and then the "new" dollars from p-99. In that split regime the multi-currency period would be a 3rd, middle, sig set. But I haven't done that so far in part because the "new" set would be so small and then it's just sig set that does the same job as an existing competitive set. Since GTS won a major award, there's also something to be said for preserving the character of the set as it was when it won and developing/ evolving it in that context. A alot here is going to have to depend on how the new system evolves. If they do a new redenomination and make a new series starting from 1 or 2 dollars I may split it and make that new set. If they abandoned the currency again and went back to a multi-currency I could see the multi-currency notes and those notes being a fun signature set. Of course, I suppose there's nothing stopping me from keeping both the combined GTS and making new, more limited sets like what I just described.
  6. I think the next thing I'd be inclined towards for building out "Gradually, then Suddenly," Would be adding more contemporary (2009-2018) notes from South Africa, Botswana and the other countries that made up the multi-currency period.
  7. LAME!! Gotta get serious on this and make a prefix with P-65 from AA to AH or AJ or whatever it was.
  8. While I am distinctly disgusted with my luck I can't say it's something that overly concerns me or interests me enough to have both of us spending money on shipping over. Thanks for a very kind offer though. I bought the note for the upgrade and I didn't really take note of the AB until after I ordered. Prior to this the highest note I'd seen an AB on was a 500 Million P-82. This had to think ABs didn't exist above this point. That note you have suggests they exist for P-83 through P-85 at least. I still doubt it on the Trillions but I'm willing to be proven wrong if I ever see an AB 10 Trillion. Now go set a challenge for yourself of building an AB set while I just sit here with my matched set of AAs.
  9. Of course, naturally I get the AA.
  10. Looks like my new notes are arriving today from Noteshobby And my P3s arrived at my in laws yesterday - I'll see them this weekend.
  11. Revenant

    The P-3s

    It's a good tip but they need to make it to the graders first. I'm guessing there must have been some world coins hitting at highers tiers that are bumping back my moderns.
  12. Revenant

    The P-3s

    Well, I think you will be waiting a while on those. It arrived there 6/7, entered on 6/24, "Scheduled" for 6 weeks since 7/7 and all they'll say is "you're in the queue, I can't tell how far back, wait time is now 61 business days." It was like 49 when I sent mine in. I guess I'll see if I know results by Sept 1.
  13. Sounds about right. Seems like there are some on eBay you could go for in the $750 range.
  14. A 65 EPQ 107 year old note. I wonder how much that goes for.
  15. You never know. Something to realize is that that video is monetized and has gotten a lot of views, a lot of ad play, and he's probably made his $200 back many times over from YouTube revenue sharing. So good on him. We'd have a hard time pulling that off. But yeah. Enjoy buying the art markers he was using. Those things ain't cheap either, yo! I say this as a former high-school art-brat.