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  1. Congratulations on your big win! All that hard work on Zimbabwe paid off. You are definitely the hyper inflation dude. I am really glad they honored you as us forum dwellers know how much blood, sweat and tears you put into the hobby. One hundred trillion salutes to you. Well done!
  2. Every time my wife brings me a USPS envelope she rolls her eyes. The unspoken shame. But they love us so they put up with our paper sins. Congratulations on your press regarding your Venezuelan collection!
  3. Sheik Sheck

    Brown Back Collage

    I finally completed a type set of BB's.
  4. REVENANT!!! In case you didn't see this article.
  5. I love your lowball set. Here is my Caldwell low ball. However it's about 20 miles from my abode, Caldwell, Texas. Looks like they used the same plate for your Caldwell, NJ note!
  6. ddr70, I think what Revenant is trying to say is...We Rule NBN's!!
  7. Sheik Sheck

    Reconvening the 252 club

    Nice read! PMG has been slow! 49 notes? I'd be catatonic waiting that long for so many children to return home. I finally got this 252 back from the same vintage as your Aug. submission. I love the serial number. Also, I added a St. Louie FRBN to my collection for Ebay price of $59! Love that SN score.
  8. Delayed gratification is a bi^ch but I do try my best. Your dilemma describes the pain of collecting to all of us very well. But, every time I have delayed that gratification and saved the shillings for that one beauty, I never, ever have buyer's remorse. I look back 3 years later and say, I loved that note for a reason, and I am so glad I waited and pounced. That's my 2 shillings!
  9. Being number 1 with 160 points is an achievement, no doubt about it. Don't worry about the wife, mine quit speaking to me years ago. She just grunts and snorts when she hands over the cardboard envelope that we both know what the contents are (once she has doused it in disinfectant). Funny how she checks the serial numbers of all her notes and gets excited when she spots a star note. She wasn't too thrilled when I created a note from her home state.
  10. Naw you're just a spring chicken compared to some of us old farts in this sport. Great note! Although I hope they aren't putting that 15 year symbol on all holders. Did you request that? How did you get the #20 list of most graded notes? Also, I think you should plan a trip to Zimbabwe one day. I think you might receive a red carpet welcome.
  11. The wife and I drove in downtown Bryan, TX. Here is a photo of the FNB bank building.
  12. My coin collection has gone stagnant. I bought a couple of coins three or four years ago but none since. Now I find coins terribly boring. I look at every note I get in my change hoping for a great serial number find. I have picked a few interesting numbers but nothing worth much. I picked a few star notes during the pandemic but the condition is so poor they are worth face value. I squirrel them away anyway. That collecting bug is strong! I thought the scales on the labels of the new PMG holders is strange as well! Like they felt compelled to add something to distinguish the previous labels. Here is a note I love. T&P reports hundreds of these notes. I see them quite often but at $90 I couldn't pass up. And then it comes back a GEM. Makes it all worth it.
  13. Here's another Texas note that came back EPQ unexpectedly. Love the sigs...
  14. Hey!!! When did you sneak that Texas collection under my nose! I was just in Bryan, TX about 30 minutes ago. It's the city connected to College Station where we live. You are the radar master. You were obviously a math nerd in school. with your eye on those numbers. How many radar notes grace your sets?
  15. It is incredible the hundreds of listings that are incredibly overpriced and sit for years with no buyers. Obviously these are not businesses but hobbyist that think "if they are willing to pay out the nose, I'll part ways with these notes" There are a few serious sellers but us folks in the know know that auction is the only place to get most notes that aren't over the top retail. I did pick up a GC for my set off a true auction on Ebay not too long ago and the gavel was right in line for what I expected. Most NBN's i look at on Ebay are far above the gray sheet retail. The $10 Port Arthur value back in this thread was also picked off Ebay. I offered the seller 40% less than the price, that was my final so I was going to decline any counters and I was shocked but he accepted! So if you are doggedly patient sometimes Ebay can work.