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  1. Yes a "cool number" is not the same as a fancy number. And most "Fancy Numbers" don't bring much on eBay. I like to refer to this Rarity table that talks about only :"True" Fancy Numbers. The data happens to come from the same person who put out the coolnumber site but don't let that dissuade you. A true Fancy Number (not an ALMOST FANCY number) does have some rarity to it. But rarity and desirability or collectability are two completely different things. Personally serial numbers don't do much for me unless they are 99 or less. Now those are cool!
  2. Hello @Revenant, I have no intention of having it graded. And yes I don't really want to save that particular note for my own collection because I don't want to start a "Fancy Number Note" spur in my Paper Money collecting efforts. I am too old to add yet another area of focus for my Paper Money collection! So I put it on eBay. If I make money that is fine. And if I don't, that is fine too. I just want to get the note into the hands of someone who appreciate "Fancy Number" notes. I agree that it does not make during this century to get the note graded. Are we only supposed to talk about grading notes on this site? If so, that is fine. I don't need to post stuff. But I do appreciate the chance I am getting to learn more about PMG, Grading, and all you great contributors. Thank you!
  3. It looks like we should not expect any Harriet Tubman design until 2030. The BEP is busy with the scheduled updates to currency and the new Tubman note will have to be delayed and put into the schedule. Why Harriet Tubman Probably Won't Be on the $20 Bill Until 2030 (insider.com) From the article: "A government committee, known as the Advanced Counterfeit Deterrence Steering Committee, decided in 2013 that most currency bills would undergo major redesigns to add new security features and prevent counterfeiting attempts. The $10 bill was set to be redesigned in 2026, the $50 in 2028, the $20 in 2030, the $5 in 2032 to 2035, and the $100 in 2034 to 2038." Nine more years? Yikes.
  4. I got this out of a bunch of $2.00 bills I got at the bank the other day. The number on it looks the same right-side up as it does upside down!. Putting it on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/184862192011