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  1. As some Forum members are aware, I am selling substantially all of my small size Federal Reserve Notes in Stack's November Baltimore Signature Sale and in Monthly Collectors' Choice sales for Oct, Nov, & Dec. This includes all of my best San Francisco notes as well as scarce and rare FRNs from other Districts. Nothing of substance is being held back -- only some duplicates and modern issues are not being sold. The consignment of over 800 notes includes a number of unique notes, top pop notes, many early and top grade stars, as well as the largest sale of late finished plates (637, 629 and 204 FRNS), scarce and rare FRN mules, etc. Many of these have never been offered publicly, and undoubtedly may not appear again for some time. The time seems right to refocus my currency collecting interests, and since I am not getting any younger, to scale my currency obsession back a bit. As many of you are aware, this offering features the best collection of San Francisco District small size notes ever formed. I was very honored to receive one of PMG’s Best US Set 2020 award for the San Francisco $5 Feds in my collection – which also includes a fair number of PCGS graded notes as well. It was also fun to briefly take the top spot in PMG’s $5 Federal Reserve Series Set. While this collection has a focus on the San Francisco District, it is far more comprehensive in scope. Rare stars and approximately 170 Top Pop notes from all twelve Fed Districts, spanning Series 1928 to 2013, are represented in $5, $10 and $20 denominations. Also included are a number of fancy and high grade San Francisco $1 FRNs and early $50 & $100 SF stars. A large number of radar, repeater and low serial and other “fun” notes that spiced up my collecting are being sold as well. Also being offered are my Hawaii Emergency issues, including several Top Pop notes, and likely the best complete set of $20 Hawaii varieties. I really want to thank the many fellow collectors, and more than a few trusted dealers, that have helped me through the several decades it has taken to build my collection, and perhaps just as importantly, shared their knowledge about these bits of monetary history. We are all just temporary caretakers of these notes and I sincerely hope that the new custodians will enjoy them as much as I have.
  2. Hi Ali, There are so many different types of sets under the US Category, that it would be nice to see a broader range of awards given. It wouldn't be necessary to give out "grading credit" with the awards, but it would be nice to see a larger variety of sets recognized. My 0.2 cents as someone who has started to cross some of my collection over to PMG.
  3. Congratulations on the Solid 8. Absolutely fantastic find in the "wild."
  4. ^^^^ Judging from the scan, I would say the 65E grade seems generous, due to the very narrow bottom margin. I've seen many 64's with similar or better centering. It must otherwise be a very nice note, but I can't see it ever getting into a 66 holder. As to the original post/question, often times there is very little to separate a Gem note from a 58E: a faint "wallet bend," or partial fold, excessive handling, even the wrong kind of light handling (or the finalizer thinks he/she sees something that may or may not be one of the foregoing) can get a note demoted. These types of issues are often (but not always) not apparent in the holder. Also, unless you saw the note raw and are very confident in your grading, I would expect that PMG would be very unlikely to change the grade.