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  1. Hi, it seems to me that back when I was active before, you had some Mexico - Revolutionary sets. I don't see any now (I could be mistaken) but I would like some if you could (and not very big ones). I would appreciate anything you can do, I don't have anything graded yet until I see what you make. Thanks, Iowa Silver Baron Bammer.
  2. It sure feels good to (Finally) to be back with my currency. But of course, it has to start with a note that needs answers, and a worry it's counterfeit. Since PMG doesn't have any Revolutionary registry sets. I believe I'll make a custom set of those I have. OK, to begin I'll include my scans: Since I can't find my SCW currency book, I'm using the PMG world paper currency pricing and search for whatever note I'm looking for. The face of the note looks OK, but the borders may be showing a little discoloration. Of course, this note is 108 years old. The reverse is where my question(s) are. The orange seems a little filled in, do you think PMG will dock it and the front borders too? The big question is: the book says there should be a hand stamped treasury seal (either black or violet) on the back, and I sure don't see one. I guess somebody who was stamping could have missed this note. I can't believe someone would counterfeit a low value note like this. Of course, 50 centavos back then maybe was enough. So I'm hoping a knowledgeable collector would take a look and pass along info on the note.
  3. I can understand to an extent why this is not one of ABNC's finest. However, I really like the blue ink on the reverse, it seems to bring a subtle toning down of the whole note. I still like ABNC's work, and this note does show it off.
  4. I must apologize to you first, I'm very sorry it took me this long to get back to you. I guess the best way to talk and work out a deal would be either a PM here or via our private emails. My email is bamyank@iowatelecom.net. Let me know how you want to proceed. Thank you. Again I'm sorry it took so long. Brian
  5. Hi Fenntucky Mike, I love your railroad stock certificates. Longer ago PMG was going to grade them, and finally told me it was just for dealers. Now I see must be for everybody. I sure love the Vignettes they used. Wish I could get scans just of them and then make a display. I am making a custom set just of notes with a railroad theme. Iowa Silver Baron Bammer
  6. Thank you both. I figured once I got looking at them they would be in General WC and I have the Specialized with me. But it's nice to learn, so I guess that's a plus for me. Oh, by the way VE, I'll probably have the Czech note photos in my Specimen signature set tonight if you would like to take a look at it. Again, thanks both of you for the help and comments. An extra note for your viewing pleasure.
  7. This past week all I've been doing is trying to figure out what to sell. I have some, that I wish I never would have purchased. 1 is a Peru note, it graded nicely but doesn't turn me on anymore. To be honest, it's a nice looking note, but I like nice vignettes showing buildings and historical scenes. Once I get the set started, if anyone is interested in the Peru, Dominican Republic and Czechoslovakia notes, let me know. The Peru isn't a Specimen. I also have a lot of raw notes that aren't worth grading, but I do like them. Especially the Mexican, Argentina etc. and a couple of other South American notes. I have enough to do for the next week or so, and I'll try to keep everyone updated thru my journals. One thing I have to do is update my World Catalogs. Hint, Hint: if anyone has maybe a 3 year old set of all 3 catalogs, I'd be interested if the low price is right. Here is why: in one of the lots I bought there was several Mexican notes I didn't have, but there was also some Russian notes included that consisted of 2 different designs; one I believe is an 1898 variety and the other, a bigger vertical note is a 1909 date. One of my problems is my eyes aren't near as good as they once were, so even with a loupe or madnifyer I cannot see any differences in the notes. Some of the differences are different names for the signatures, and I can't tell them apart. I'd sure like to get the CORRECT pick numbers for each Ok, here's where I try to put in the scans, would you all keep your fingers crossed!!! I think I had better stop here, as I know if I try anything else, will really be pushing my luck. Thank you all for reading and helping out. Brian
  8. To Fenntucky and ColonialCoinsUK, thanks to both of you for the comments. I really understand what you mean Colonial , I'm thinking that I'll be having more Signature sets rather than normal registry sets. For example the ABNC set has over 120 notes, there is no way I feel I'll complete it, for lack of cash and lack of years to do it. I'm not getting any younger. I'm going to give adding scans again today Fenntucky, so wish me luck.
  9. I have several steps in my journey back. First will be my Mexican notes, I'll only will be able to grade (at most) 5 notes at a time. I know I have one early German note to do, will probably start a Signature Set for what few I'll have. My dad brought back a few from France (this registry set has 26 notes, if I counted correct). I'll probably grade those and then look to buy a bunch. Same way with the German AMC's he brought back also. However, the German set has about 30 slots, so frankly I don' know what I'll do. I may just get one of each type. Mexico is a big bunch of notes, at least to do some ABNC notes. One set I looked at only has 7 notes, so that may be a good, don't know how expensive they will be. Then I have at least 2 Sig Sets I want to do. Then there is a 1953 Silver Certificates to do and possibly a $2 note set. Then at least 2 Canadian sets and a couple of Canadian coin sets and maybe a Sac dollar set I have started. Guess it will depend on how much cash I can raise. The big task right task now will be to figure out the new Journal format. Looks to me like PMG changed it enough since April, I'm lost on how to do it. Tonight however I have 2 notes I'd like to attach to show how nice my new scanner is. If I get stuck with this entry, I hope one of you top posters will help me out. I'm kinda/sorta embarrased because in 2006 and 2011 I did get a plaque each year for best journals. OK her goes the notes to be attached and then relax and watch some TV. Well couldn't bring my notes over, hope someone can give me a hand.
  10. Since I've been ready to get back in, have been looking through my raw notes, especially Mexican and ABNC notes. I came across this note which is one of my favorites. The obverse looks gorgeous to me, but I'm afraid the reverse may knock the grade down. Having been a pressman, really looks like there is a darker shade mixed in. I can see it especially in the largest 10s in the middle down the sides, plus the upper left 10. Or possibly the press hasn't been cleaned up good enough to get rid of the old ink. How much will PMG deduct (if any??) I guess I would knock it down some, as the orange should be nice and bright. I know how hard it is to clean out the old ink. Honestly I've had to clean up again, one time I had to go to a yellow on a rush job, and it took me three washups. I think I'd be lucky to get a 62 with an EPQ regardless.
  11. Again, thanks for the kind words. I do try to pick the best notes I can that I can afford. Right now I really have to sell most of my non Mexican notes.That's my big problem, my eyes are bigger than my wallet. I may try do mexico, then all the way down thru South America. I may wind up doing a custom set of ABN notes as I have noticed some of the sets are HUGE, maybe 50 or 60 notes. But I'll keep plugging away as it's sure nice to be back.
  12. Mike, are you referring to the note I posted?? If you are, thank you very much for the kind words. I believe that note to be one of the notes that would be graded the lowest, as it is off center top to bottom and having been a pressman for 20 years, off centering bugs me. Also if you are, I may post some more to get some of your thoughts on grading. Since it's been a while since I've graded any, was curious if PMG's standards have changed. I have a fondness for ABNC's notes so may post a few more of those.
  13. Fenntucky Mike, what revolutionary set do you see. It must be in with the regular Mexican sets?
  14. It seems to me before I retired back in 2013 that there were currency sets of both Mexico and Mexico - Revolutionary. I'm curious as why this happened? I have fondness for both and would really like to see the revolutionary sets back. I especially like Chihuahua's "dos caritas" notes. I'm going to try to attach a front and back scans of one of mine. I'd be pleased and excited to hear from any currency sets, especially ones with the control numbers. I see there are some revolutionary sets on the coin side, but none here. Oh, I still think the gentleman on the right looks like Captain Kangaroo. Does anyone else see it? Brian