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Is this an error or a mule on a National?  My Salem, OH FNB Ch. # (M)43 Fr. 650 Lyons | Roberts SN 5227/V967961B pp A/315 PMG 30EPQ beautiful signatures by Cashier Church and Pres. Pow dated Apr 11, 1902.  Much more common with Speelman | White signatures as a plain back.  The back plate is 315.  Notes from this bank dated Apr 10, 1922 carry the Speelman | White signatures and $20s have known back plate numbers of 722 and 1018 (see below)

Fr. 661 SN 1481/Y322423E pp A/722
Fr. 661 SN 5147/Z451299H pp A bp not listed in census
Fr. 650 SN 5227/V967961B pp A/315
Fr. 661 SN 8430 pp A/1018

Since all the $20 examples are from the A plate, and $10s are from an A or C plate, I suspect sheets of 3 $10s and 1 $20 were ordered (see Heritage's Auction archives).  The low back plate number (315) is probably meaningless.  The bank SN of 5227 comes between 5147 and 8430, so I suspect the old plate with Lyons | Roberts signatures used for date backs was mistakenly placed back into service as more plain backs were printed.  Since I don't have access to a current National Bank Note Census, I don't know if there are any other plain backs known for Ch. 43 with Lyons | Roberts signatures.

You should be able to see my set of OH nationals here:  https://notes.www.collectors-society.com/registry/notes/MySets_Listing.aspx?PeopleSetID=16150&SelectedTab=SetListing

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Variety--it's what I crave and this $20 Brown Back Fr. 494 delivers

Saint Paul, MN The National German American Bank of St. Paul, Ch. # 2943 VAR 2 Battle of Lexington vignette (On Holder) PMG 15 $20 1882 BB Fr. 494 SN 2302/E512790 pp A/2 dtd. May 9th, 1883 Proof certified May 21, 1883. Large only bank with two $10BBs and this $20BB.  Paper with 2 continuous horizontal threads and Variety 2 vignette.  Vertical charter numbers were used up until September of 1890 and the mid way point of the E-block SN indicates an 1891 production date consistent with signatures o


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