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Times Makin' Changes [To Signatures]

On Oct 4th, 2022 the Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine, Kyrylo Shevchenko, submitted, to Ukrainian President Zelenskyi, his letter of resignation siting health issues.  Shevchenko has headed the country's Central Bank since July 16, 2020 when he was tapped by Zelenskyi and appointed by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In the past 27 months Ukraine has issued new circulating banknotes in all denominations with his signature, as well as commemorative notes in all denominations of the 30th Ann

Want You To Sign Your (Banknote) (Part 2, 2021)

I changed computers a few weeks ago, and have been having trouble connecting to the National Bank of Ukraine website, so imagine my surprise when I saw these two notes popup on ebay. Freshly printed notes with new signatures!  New runs of the 200 and 20 hryven denominations were issued and I have to believe that the commemorative versions of these notes are not far behind. This is the second signature variety for each note of the current design. 20 Hryven   2019, PICK # A 126, Smoliy s

Fenntucky Mike

Fenntucky Mike in Signatures