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Want You To Sign Your (Banknote) (Part 2, 2021)

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Fenntucky Mike


I changed computers a few weeks ago, and have been having trouble connecting to the National Bank of Ukraine website, so imagine my surprise when I saw these two notes popup on ebay. Freshly printed notes with new signatures! :banana: New runs of the 200 and 20 hryven denominations were issued and I have to believe that the commemorative versions of these notes are not far behind. This is the second signature variety for each note of the current design.

20 Hryven 

925792616_2018PMG68(Star)Obv20Hryven.png.b141ce1265bccf4f30e37c780ef31dda.png 2019, PICK # A 126, Smoliy signature.


414053229_202120Hryven.jpg.86f761687e792690d05bac0e2bbc87e7.jpg 2021, PICK # UNL, Shevchenko signature.

200 Hryven

932545711_2019PMG68EPQObv200Hryven.png.104d5512c9b5d7f63777178805d71b32.png 2019, PICK # A 127, Smoliy signature.

558694735_2021200Hryven.jpg.50d0afa8cff68de90a5086985768a796.jpg 2021, PICK # UNL, Shevchenko signature.

The NBU Banknote Printing and Minting Works is in overdrive this year, with printing 30k runs of six different commemoratives and runs of 500, 200 & 20 hryven circulation notes to date. There probably won't be any additional print runs for circulating notes this year but in 2022 look for the 1,000, 100 & 50 to have new printings.  As far as new Pick #'s for these new notes, (shrug) your guess is as good as mine, I'm going to go with A 126b and A 127b.


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