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I Just Want To Celebrate! (Part 2)

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Fenntucky Mike


As I mentioned in my last journal entry there were two new circulating notes issued by the NBU, the 20 & 200 UAH notes, but the big news is that the next two commemoratives were released in tandem with the circulation issues. :headbang: The 20 & 200 UAH commemoratives! Duh. This makes sense I guess, to release the same commemorative denominations with the regular circulating notes, I would assume that all were ran at the same time and the commemorative overprint added to the commemoratives after the main print run. It would be more efficient and lower production and setup costs.

So far most, if not all, of my speculations have been accurate, the logo has remained the same with a color change to match the note, the prefix is the same as first commemoratives (ЯА), even my guess as to what Pick numbers would be assigned.  :bigsmile: I'm enjoying these commemoratives more than I thought I would, not that I'm hoping for yearly commemoratives, (I'm NOT) but these have been a nice change of pace and have been a blast to acquire. Mainly do to some of my go-to sellers that have been more than happy in assisting me in acquiring top notch examples at very reasonable prices. :banana: If anyone needs a Ukrainian note hookup let me know. lol

The 200 UAH is one of my favorite notes, I think it just looks great and commemorates a fascinating individual.


The 20 UAH is from a base design dating back to 2016, and is the second time this note/design was used as a commemorative.


2016, 20 UAH commemorative note. Interestingly enough this note was rereleased in 2021 with a new commemorative folder, the note was still dated 2016 (2021).


PMG has now graded a few each of the (2021) 100 & 500 UAH commemorative notes and assigned Pick #'s, the 100 UAH is Pick # 129a and the 500 UAH # 130a. Watching the pop reports has been paying off nicely. :bigsmile:



No need to guess as to what the Pick #'s will be for the next two commemoratives, P131a & P132a, and I can't wait for them to come out early next month. I'm really excited for the 1,000 UAH note as that is also a really great looking note. I'd be a little surprised if the BPMW of the NBU issues a 2021 circulating note for the 1,000 UAH, but stranger things have happened. I would however expect a new run of 50 UAH to coincide with the release of the last two commemoratives next month. We'll see. (shrug)

Psst. I was able to acquire a few fancy number 200 UAH commemoratives, more on that later.:ph34r:

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