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Take A Look At My New Toy!

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Fenntucky Mike


In part to help enhance a Journal entry I'm currently working on, also to "level up" my current banknote skills and what the heck because it's fun and cool I've added a new contraption to my banknote collecting arsenal, an IR Camera. I've been reading up on Infrared, lights, wavelengths, and cameras for a few weeks now along with researching the IR ink features on banknotes. I was considering constructing my own Infrared station for banknotes but since I had a bunch of Rewards Points through Amazon I figured I'd try this out first.


The Royal Sovereign Dual Band Infrared Camera! On sale and Available now from Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Royal-Sovereign-Infrared-Counterfeit-RCD-4000D/dp/B00S1IKHEC/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=Royal+Sovereign+Dual+Band+Infrared+Camera+Counterfeit+Detector+(RCD-4000D)&qid=1616956248&sr=8-1 

It's nothing special and very lightly made, as most things are today but what do you want for under $35. The only negative would be the size, it would be nice if it was bigger and/or had a taller pedestal so you could view the whole note for imaging purposes. Other than that it's been working great. Dual Band, I'm assuming this means it emits IR on both the 850nm and 940nm wavelengths but in true guy fashion I opened everything up, removed the parts, threw all the packaging out including instructions and then put it together. :facepalm: I'll never outgrow this instinct. At any rate for modern note collector's equipment such as this is invaluable, one for counterfeits and two to enjoy notes on a whole new level if you want. The first thing that gravitates me towards a note is the design/artistic appeal, then history of the design or subject, security features and finally the economics. 

So now armed with my books, loupe, UV and IR lights I'm feeling pretty well prepared for now and think I need to simmer down for a few days. But I still want to build my own desk, area or whatever it turns out to be for banknotes that includes bigger/better UV and IR light stations and I might as well work photography in there while I'm at it. More to come...

Here are a few examples (images) of banknotes placed under UV and IR lighting and scanned. All three of which will display security features on modern notes.

2020, Zimbabwe $20



UV Light


IR Light



2005, Ukraine 100 UAH



UV Light


IR Light


Ok, there goes my day. Pfft, whom am I kidding, there goes my week. I'll be busy using this thing for a while.

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Thanks for the link! Very helpful of you. That's added to my wishlist now. We'll see if the wife bites the next time she needs to give me something. lol 

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7 hours ago, Revenant said:

Thanks for the link! Very helpful of you.

No problemo! It's amazing how much thought/design goes into these notes. 

7 hours ago, Revenant said:

That's added to my wishlist now. We'll see if the wife bites the next time she needs to give me something. lol 

It's a pretty fun little gadget and a whole new level of cool. :cool: Good luck, I have all my stuff delivered to work, nobody suspects a thing. Shhhhhh :ph34r:

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