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You Can't Hurry (Notes) / No, You'll Just Have To Wait

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Fenntucky Mike


Moving past the you/you'll lyric debate, (shrug), and now having grabbed all the low hanging fruit of Ukrainian banknotes, I'm realizing that further progress will be slow in the acquisition department. In my Ukrainian 1917-Date set I have 37 slots left to fill, out of 112, two of those empty slots (Picks 50 & 125) are $1,000 + notes in any grade so I don't really consider them required for completion. Another two slots (Picks 87A & 87B) were never printed/issued, other than proofs and specimens, so I don't see those as required for the set either. Not to mention I have never even seen either one of those two notes available, anywhere, ever. Just to be clear I'm not advocating for the removal of those slots, they should absolutely stay. If anything I'd like to see a few more slots added and more sets added to the Ukrainian registry but that's a topic for another day. So, that leaves me with 33 slots that I would consider required to complete the set and I'm thinking I'd be very lucky to fill 6 of them with purchases of already graded notes this year. In true obsessive collector fashion I've been scouring the depths of the internet for graded notes/sellers and have found a few new potential sources/opportunities, one an old acquaintance from Ebay, we'll see what comes of these new found sources if anything. More to come later if I do end up getting anything, got to keep all buying activity on the hush hush for now :ph34r:, the bidding on Ukrainian notes has been very active.:slapfight:

In the meantime I've been scratching the collecting bug itch by purchasing a few random notes here and there, along with contemplating a few signature set ideas. I haven't decided to focus on another area yet, mainly just floating along and picking up pieces that I like. I'll probably knuckle down and start updating the descriptions of my Ukrainian notes along with more in depth research, I have a lot of material to go through, but I will also continue to pick up ungraded examples of notes I don't have for a future submission. A submission that will probably wrap up most of my Ukrainian sets but that is probably a year or more away. For now I'm happy to be adrift for a little bit, enjoying my notes, researching, writing descriptions and realizing I'll just have to wait.

Here's an ungraded specimen I picked up awhile ago. Printed by TDLR



Just pulled the trigger on this one today, these are the sellers pics. Printed by ISBF



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