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The One Thing The Whole World Loves Is A WINNER!

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Fenntucky Mike


The International Journal of Central Banking, often referred to as Central Banking, a well respected global publication for policymakers and researchers in the field of monetary policy has announced the winners for the 2021 Central Banking Awards. An annual event recognizing "excellence in a community facing difficult monetary policy and financial stability challenges that will need to be tackled and effectively communicated, while prudently embracing technological change in reserves, financial services, payments, currency management and data." That's a mouth full. The awards are presented yearly and currently consist of 29 awards in two categories, Market Practitioner Awards & Central Bank Awards, the awards range from Governor of the year, Central Bank of the year to Green Initiative, Transparency & Website of the year. The Central Banking Awards began in 2014 with the inaugural event. It's an interesting publication and one worth checking out if you have the time and are interested in such things, here's a link to the 2021 awards article.   https://www.centralbanking.com/awards/7815281/central-banking-awards-2021-winners-in-full#cxrecs_s   FYI, The FED won Central Bank of the year.

Drumroll please. May I have the envelope, this year's winner for Best Currency Manager.... Oh geez, can't open it [zip].... The National Bank of Ukraine!:applause: For having taken decisive steps to upgraded it's series of banknotes. Here to accept the award on the NBU's behalf, Viktor Zaivenko, director of the NBU's Cash Circulation Department. "Over the last few years, the National Bank of Ukraine has put a lot of effort into the large-scale optimization of Ukrainian currency notes and coins. Having researched the best global practices, we started to implement gradual and systemic changes aimed at improvement of the cash cycle." It may not have happened exactly like that.

In 2014, after being allowed to float to meet IMF requirements the Hryvnia dropped from .12 to below .04 on the dollar, and remains at that level today,  prompting an evaluation of the monetary system in place. After exhaustive study a decision was made and plan put into motion. In 2018 the NBU began implementing the currency reform initiative when the 1 & 2 Hryvnia coins were introduced into circulation and banknotes of the same denomination began to be withdrawn, the process culminated in October of last year, 2020, when all 25 Kopiika coins were withdrawn from circulation and all banknotes printed prior to 2003 ceased to be legal tender. Reducing the number of denominations from 16 to 12 and making the 1st & 2nd series Hryvnia notes obsolete. If you care to read more here is a link to the 2021 Currency Manager Award article,  https://www.centralbanking.com/awards/7744481/currency-manager-national-bank-of-ukraine and here is a link to the NBU's response to winning the award. https://bank.gov.ua/en/news/all/natsionalniy-bank-otrimav-nagorodu-central-banking-awards-za-osuchasnennya-natsionalnoyi-valyuti

And since I hate having a Journal entry without at least one image of a banknote here you go, bye bye 1st & 2nd series and 1, 2, 5 & 10 Hryvnia banknotes. 






722796234_CompleteFirstSeries.jpg.dac7d22c0ce22b088dc6871cd91c1367.jpg          1896850740_CompleteSecondSeries.jpg.266f8d4949bc2eb4a96d58ad5c3cefac.jpg


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