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I feel I'm going to win (Oh S***! I'm going to win!)

Last night was a busy time for Ukrainian banknote auctions, there were eleven ending within roughly a hour of each other, from one seller. There were three lots I was focusing on in particular and the other 7 were lower on the wish list. I wasn't going to be online as the auctions were ending so I placed heavier then normal bids on the three I was really hoping to win and low ball bids on the rest of the lots. In addition to the Ukrainian notes there were also two Zimbabwe notes from the latest

I said you talk (type) too much. Homeboy you never SHUT UP!

I've been toying with some of the note descriptions for my Ukrainian registry sets and I'm having trouble staying under the 5,000 word limit. My friends and family would be somewhat surprised by this revelation, as they often have difficulty extracting a coherent sentence out of me at times. I tend to be more of an observer/listener rather than an active participant in conversations, pouncing in with wise cracking comments and/or definitive statements, after which (if my commentary had the desir

Right now! Catch that magic moment, do it right here and now?

Prior to me starting a Ukrainian banknote registry set, I was well aware of two "stopper" notes in it, Pick# 50 (2 Karbowanez) and Pick #125 (50 Hryvnia). The 2 Karbowanez note I may never own or even get the opportunity to (this note has an interesting story behind it, which I will write about in a future journal), but the 50 Hryvnia I will have an opportunity to acquire at some point and that time could be very soon. The 50 Hryvnia is a manufactured rarity (I hate that), a commemorative bankno

Sire I have stolen, stolen many times (Maybe?)

I was taking a scroll through the NBU's website this morning and stubbed my index finger on the headline "OFFICIAL DENIAL: The 1,000 Hryvnia Banknote Does Not Depict an Unlicensed Font", well now you have my attention! It appears that the NBU Had a minor controversy in regards to the font used on the new 1,000 UAH banknote released in October of last year. There were questions raised as to origin and use of the font on the reverse of the banknote, specifically the phrase "One Thousand hryvnia"  

Rise up GATHER round / .............. / Burn it up, let's go for BROKE!

Recently, I've been burning up some spare funds I acquired through sales of some duplicates in my coin collections. I've been busy using some of these newly rediscovered monies to focus on gathering up several Ukrainian banknotes for my sets. I have been hitting the banknotes really hard the last two weeks due to several factors eluded to in a previous journal entry (over $1,800 an ounce on 7/8/2020).  It just so happened that several notes popped up for sale that were either perfect matches for

Big (Dirty) Money Goes Around The World

I was reading through the National Bank of Ukraine's press releases and came across their response on "Preventing the spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19 during cash transactions" dated Mar, 18 2020, link here. https://bank.gov.ua/en/news/all/pro-profilaktiku-poshirennya-koronavirusnoyi-infektsiyi-covid-19-pid-chas-operatsiy-iz-gotivkoyu  On a side note, the NBU actually has a decent website with English translations and good info on all banknotes and coins produced by the Banknote Printing

Time To Focus On Banknotes & A New Direction?

With gold continuing its ascent towards $1,800 I had pumped the breaks on any new gold purchases about six months ago, and came to a dead stop in late March. Having just sent in, what will likely be my last submission of gold coins for awhile I was thinking I should take this opportunity to focus more on my banknote collection/collecting goals. Now appears to be an opportune time for me, with an influx of modern Ukrainian banknotes (my current focus) hitting the market at relatively low prices,