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Right now! Catch that magic moment, do it right here and now?

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Fenntucky Mike


Prior to me starting a Ukrainian banknote registry set, I was well aware of two "stopper" notes in it, Pick# 50 (2 Karbowanez) and Pick #125 (50 Hryvnia). The 2 Karbowanez note I may never own or even get the opportunity to (this note has an interesting story behind it, which I will write about in a future journal), but the 50 Hryvnia I will have an opportunity to acquire at some point and that time could be very soon. The 50 Hryvnia is a manufactured rarity (I hate that), a commemorative banknote with only 1,000 being produced (S#'s 00000001 - 0001000) in 2011 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the NBU. Two hundred were sold in a set containing a 4oz silver replica of the note, the remaining 800 were sold individually in a commemorative folder. The notes overall design is identical to the 2004 (Pick 121) 50 Hryvnia issue, the only difference being the addition of a green-to-gold SPARK patch with the phrase “НБУ 20 років” (NBU – 20 years) on the obverse. If I were to acquire this note it would easily be the most expensive in my Ukrainian set to date.


I've been watching the 50 Hryvnia note for the last 2+ years and it just keeps going up in price and down in availability, so my conundrum is do I buy now or wait 10 years and hope it goes down in price and becomes available. A common question that many collectors struggle with and a question that can only be answered by that individual. Recently the UAH has taken a nosedive against the USD and items purchased in Ukraine are much lower in cost compared to a year ago. I have been taking advantage of this recently by purchasing several coins from some of my Ukrainian contacts at much reduced costs, I have a shipment of a dozen coins on the way as I type this. I have also been paring down some of my collections, selling off duplicates and the such. So, with a falling UAH, an influx of funds (hopefully) from selling off some items, a second quarter bonus at work (please, please, please) and a known available 2011 50 Hryvnia note in Ukraine I'm thinking the time is, well. Right now!   (Or at least in the very near future)


To be continued.......

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