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Things I have to do before my baby steps can begin

This past week all I've been doing is trying to figure out what to sell. I have some, that I wish I never would have purchased. 1 is a Peru note, it graded nicely but doesn't turn me on anymore. To be honest, it's a nice looking note, but I like nice vignettes showing buildings and historical scenes. Once I get the set started, if anyone is interested in the Peru, Dominican Republic and Czechoslovakia notes, let me know. The Peru isn't a Specimen. I also have a lot of raw notes that aren't worth

Why No Mexico - Revolutionary Sets?

It seems to me before I retired back in 2013 that there were currency sets of both Mexico and Mexico - Revolutionary. I'm curious as why this happened? I have fondness for both and would really like to see the revolutionary sets back. I especially like Chihuahua's "dos caritas" notes. I'm going to try to attach a front and back scans of one of mine. I'd be pleased and excited to hear from any currency sets, especially ones with the control numbers. I see there are some revolutionary sets on the