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Post Your Radars & Repeaters !!

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On 3/5/2024 at 2:53 PM, GoldFinger1969 said:

I like the artwork on that note, Mike.

I like it to, one of my favorite notes.

On 3/5/2024 at 2:53 PM, GoldFinger1969 said:

What country and who is the lady ?

The note is from Ukraine and the portrait is of Lesya Ukrainka.

Here is a little write up, Journal Entry, I did on her and the use of her likeness on Ukrainian currency from a few years back.


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HA had a weekly currency auction last night.  Lots of modern radars and repeators, and I never heard of it before but something called a "rotator" which I will investigate further.

Prices seemed higher in general than a few years ago but every now and then you had a bill go for 2-3x the prices of others.  Could be a rarer block or just the composition of the fancy SN's -- tough for me to tell.

This one went for $456 (w/bp):


They like to package them in twos (2 bills auctioned at the same time) so adjusting for that it appears that for common modern "fancy" SN's the prices have about DOUBLED in the last 4-5 years.  My own records indicate I was buying a bunch of Quads, Repeaters, and Radars for $35-$50 (for 1 bill) and the cheapest I saw last night for a pair was $89 with most going for about $125 for a pair.

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