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Spend'em If You Got'em

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The NBU announced this week that 25 Kopiika coins and banknotes introduced into circulation before 2003 "will cease being legal tender and will be withdrawn from circulation on 1 October 2020". Just say in.


Tried spending an old Ukrainian "junk" note today, I got a dirty look and had to go to the end of the line.:( The cashier didn't seem to think it was as funny as I did, they were pretty pissed at me so I decided to forgo the explanation and just paid for my beer (the second time) and left. I did throw a 25 Kopiika coin in the give a penny take a penny before I left, HA! Going to see if I can trade my 5 year old nephew for something or try to pass it off as a $500 bill in Monopoly (our set is pretty beat up, I don't think anyone will notice). Spend'em if you got'em.

Anyone else have a story about trying to "unload" your "junk" banknotes? 

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1 hour ago, Revenant said:

No. I've never tried anything like that. There was a time when a guy in front of me paid for two beers with 28 mercury dimes. I bought them off the very confused clerk with 3 $1 bills.


I've gotten a few "keepers" in my change, I consider anything pre 65' a keeper, I also pay attention for major errors as well but have not come across one. Never had anything like that happen to me, yet.

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