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How do preferences run on pictures here?

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I'm wondering if there's a clear preference here with regard to bank note images in the registry.

On the NGC side, the images almost always focus on the coins and it seems a lot less common to see pictures that show the whole holder / slab - but NGC's provided images do show the whole slab, I think in part because those images are provided to verify the authenticity of the coin and slab so showing the slab is relevant to their purpose.

Over here, the overwhelming majority of the images I see include the full holder / sleeve with the label.

I'm more on the coin side and came to the notes side because of my love of these hyperinflation notes but this has left me wondering if there's a standard or norm on this side of things that I missed out on.

I'm in a "Graded Paper Money" Facebook group too and over there they almost always show the whole label too. But I don't know if that's just to show that the note is, in fact, graded, because the group focuses specifically on graded notes.



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I'm thinking some of the reasons for posting images of notes with the full holder are:

  1. Lack of photography equip/skills to capture a clear high resolution image of the note through the holder. Notes for me are more difficult to capture a clear, straight on image due to the larger size and glare/reflection of the holder.
  2. Notes are serialized, coins are not. While each coin has unique characteristics those identifiers are not plastered on the holder like a banknote S#, meaning it may make people more comfortable copying and pasting an image they find online into there coin set. S#'s can also carry a premium, the note better match the holder or you may get called out.
  3. Having a high res image of a coin is more important for identification purposes (comparing hits, scratches, die markers, etc.) because they are not serialized.
  4. More access to coin images. NGC now provides a lot of free high res images of coins out of the holder, this started about a year ago. So for me, sine the first of the year I've had 8 submissions with a total of around 60 coins, 30% of which (estimate) NGC provided free high res images of the coin out of the holder. Why not use them in a registry set.
  5. Ease of identification/information. There is typically a lot more information on the PMG holder i.e. Pick #, Watermark, Signature, S#, etc.

If I had to choose one, I'd prefer to see the note in the holder. If a person can provide a high res image of just the note in addition to the holder pic, even better.

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