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PMG review of topics

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not sure if you're reviewing the topics but there's a few topics that have nothing to do with currency. 

Shouldn't these users be removed. Is there any policy that prevents them from advertising. 

As I'm writing this topic I can see at the top it says "your content will need to be approved by a moderator" 


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  • Administrator

Good afternoon.  Yes, if you post a comment to the Ask PMG board it does have to be approved by a moderator.  Other boards would not need approval, however.  If you have a specific post that you are questioning, please let us know and we can review.  Thanks!

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3 hours ago, gtw-123 said:

Thanks. I have a website bookmark set up so I see everything that's posted. 


Here's just a list of some more sections. PMG registry, Newbie note collecting questions.

maybe there's a way to set up where I can block this person or just mute them like you can on Twitter. 

I'm pretty sure you can block the user so you won't see it anymore. But the ones you're complaining about - they just spammed everywhere and they need to be banned IMO. It's obviously a spam account.

Edited to add: They call it "Ignored users."

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