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  1. I couldn't find a 500 dark green but the light green should be about the same price. these can be used for estimating value of yours but yours has issues. Ink... Supply and Demand.
  2. Since your notes have some issues. The price will be lower but this might be helpful based on previous auction.
  3. GW

    PMG review of topics

    Thanks. I have a website bookmark set up so I see everything that's posted. Here's just a list of some more sections. PMG registry, Newbie note collecting questions. maybe there's a way to set up where I can block this person or just mute them like you can on Twitter.
  4. GW

    PMG review of topics

    Spam in marketplace. Thanks.
  5. GW

    PMG review of topics

    How about this one from Indonesia.
  6. PMG not sure if you're reviewing the topics but there's a few topics that have nothing to do with currency. Shouldn't these users be removed. Is there any policy that prevents them from advertising. As I'm writing this topic I can see at the top it says "your content will need to be approved by a moderator" Thanks.
  7. Counterfeit Detection: 2003A $1 US Federal Reserve Note Posted on 5/21/2019
  8. NGC probably hasn't gotten around to assigning any points yet for that note. just call them and let him know. PMG Cert: 8023451-005 Note #: MAD72Ab Serial #: YD9426643 Country: MAD Note Description: Madagascar, Banky Foiben'i, 2500 Francs = 500 Ariary ND (1993) Signatures/Vignettes: - Wmk: Zebu's Head, - Sign. #5 Grade: 66 EPQ Comments: Exceptional Paper Quality
  9. GW

    Latest Acquisition

    My comments: it seems like about 5 years ago currency collecting was hot, not so much now. I checked Heritage auctions one time and saw that the some expensive notes bought years ago are now going for less than what they originally sold for. One of the problems about selling is the commission that these auctions charge. you basically have to make 10-30% profit on what you bought the note for just to break even to pay them the commission. And of course there's more people getting their notes graded shows that there's more notes out there. Greater supply, lower demand. PMG is not the same as NGC. NGC provides a newsletter that can tell you which coins are hot or not. Also they have better records on the prices with auctions. Even the BEP now sells there notes now through the u.s. mint. But I still enjoy collecting currency much more than coins. PMG is doing a good job going international. But the same thing with coins I have no idea about world prices value I would never buy a note that isn't graded by PMG to ensure its authenticity. Good luck. Keep us informed and what you are noticing in the buying and selling trends.
  10. I don't check the pmg's chat boards very often looks like you went ahead and submitted them. it's been awhile since I've submitted any notes $71 a piece and seems kind of high. Good luck.
  11. References website to see what some fancy serial numbers are. Fancy Serial Numbers If you're looking for notes with fancy serial numbers that will sell take a look at the website wanted list. You're finding some interesting notes but the serial numbers are not the ones that collectors look for. Good luck.
  12. Pricing error notes is very difficult. Supply and demand.
  13. Your $20 bill is a "E" but I was able to find similar ones. Error notes are hard to price. Supply and demand.
  14. I would have them submitted to PMG. Some people alter notes to make them look like errors so having them in a PMG holder ensures that they are authentic. It's hard to price these but you may want to check previous auctions to get an idea. Just contact PMG about submitting them. I think $700 insurance is kind of high the US postal Service does a pretty good job. Maybe signature confirmation would be enough. Good luck and good find.
  15. GW


    PMG may have already answered this question but I'm just curious EPQ stands for exceptional paper quality but most notes today are made out of plastic so is that exceptional plastic quality?