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  1. Good morning, If this was a package we sent back to you, we can start an investigation with the carrier once 15 days has passed from the ship date. If it has been two weeks since it shipped back to you, you can reach out to our customer service department and we can start that investigation. You can reach us at 877-764-5570 or by email at Thank you!
  2. Good morning, When the term "as made" is used to describe a specific defect, that means that it occurred sometime during the process of making the note. This term can be applied to any defect that our graders feel occurred during the creation of the note and not after it was released. In this case, there was an indentation made during some point of the creation and/or printing of the note which was significant enough for the graders to note it on the label. Thank you!
  3. Jennifer F.


    Good morning, If you have a note that was already graded by PMG, you are welcome to send it in for a regrade and you can make any notations you wish but there is no guarantee the grade will change. Regular grading fees will apply for a regrade based on the grading tier you select. Thank you,
  4. Good morning, The catalog numbers we use for most World notes would be from the Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, sometimes called the Pick Book. You can find out more about the main reference books PMG uses here: Notes PMG Grades, Attributions & Reference Books | PMG ( We do not provide these numbers to customers, you will need to look those up yourself and provide those numbers on your submission form. If you don't have the numbers or can't access them, you can leave that blank on your form but there is a $5 research fee per catalog number. You can check our label page to see if there is a special label available that you might want to add. You can find that here: PMG Special Labels Available | PMG ( In the "Add on Services" section of your submission form, you will see Special Label. You just check that box and write in the label number you want. Please note that if you check a special label, it will apply to all notes on that form so if you only want certain notes to have the label, be sure to put those on their own submission form. If you have any other questions, you can reach our customer service department at 877-764-5570 or by email at: Thank you!
  5. Good morning, Certainly, mistakes can and do occur on occasion. Your note may very well have an error on the label, which we would gladly correct for you at no charge. But we cannot make any determinations based on a picture you post on our chat boards. We must have the note in hand to verify and also to correct. Thank you,
  6. Good morning, Thank you for your message. The PMG holder is designed for long term preservation and, if stored in the proper environment, should keep your notes well protected from moisture, dirt and other things that might cause damage. As far as what you store the graded notes in, that is up to the individual. We offer the PMG bank bags but at this time, do not have a box option for long term storage. PMG Notes Supplies – CCG Store ( The main consideration is temperature. Extreme heat can certainly warp and damage the holder and potentially the note inside. You want to store the notes in an environment that is not too hot or cold and avoid excessive dryness or humidity. If you have any other questions, please let us know. Thank you.
  7. Good morning, Thanks for your message. If you have a note that you believe has an error on the label, please email our customer service department with the information and they can send you instructions on how to submit the note for a correction. You can email us at: Thank you!
  8. Jennifer F.


    Good morning, You can submit a note graded by PCGS to PMG but it would have to be regraded. A reholder would only be for notes that were graded by PMG that need a new holder. A note graded by any other company must be regraded. We do offer a crossover service for PCGS graded notes. This is where we would only remove it from the PCGS holder if our graders felt it would get the same grade or higher. Or you could also request it to Cross at any grade, which means we would take it out of the PCGS holder and put it into a PMG holder regardless of the grade it receives. Thanks!
  9. Good morning, Unfortunately, as I mentioned above, our graders are not considering these errors at this time. You are welcome to send them back along with any additional documentation you feel relevant, but based on what they have advised, they most likely will come back the same. Thank you,
  10. Good morning, Thank you for your message. We could not make any determinations about a note just from a picture. It could very well be an error note, but our graders would have to examine it in person before they could say for sure. If you are interested in submitting the note for grading, you can find out how on our website here: How to Submit | PMG ( Thank you!
  11. Good morning, Thank you for your message. If you live in Hong Kong, you can certainly submit your orders through that office and they will then send them here to our U.S. office for grading. The benefit of this is that everything is insured both coming to us and going back to the Hong Kong office. If you send them in to us directly, they will not be insured going back to you unless you have your own third party insurance. However, it could take longer to get your orders back when you go through the Hong Kong office versus sending them to us directly. Either option is available to you and is up to the individual. If you do with to submit to the Hong Kong office, you can contact them to set up an appointment. Thank you!
  12. Good morning, It would depend on the reason they weren't graded. If they were counterfeit or altered then the full grading fee is still charged. If they were just something we are not currently graded or if there was some issue and the note was too fragile to grade, we would not charge any grading fee. The note would be sent back as is in both cases. Thank you!
  13. Good morning, We would have to see the gas ration coupons before we could say definitively that we can grade them. But in general, something like that would have to go under the Economy Special tier or higher. You would need to complete two separate submission forms if they are submitted under different grading tiers. You can send the two invoices in together and can request them to ship back together as well, if you wish. Thank you!
  14. Good morning, I understand, and you are welcome to send the notes back in but based on the information I was provided, it is unlikely they will be able to list it as an error at this time. Thank you,
  15. Good morning, Thanks for your message. Unfortunately, we cannot provide specific dates on when notes were graded. I can tell you, however, that particular note was graded several years ago. Thank you!