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  1. Yup like the $2 I got graded is coming back a 65 EPQ🤠, I got a band from the bank and it's was a new sequential band.🤓🤓. I'm going to send off two more to get graded I just can't decide on which serial numbers.
  2. Well i just wanted to update on my question. I sent the hundred in to graded, and its coming back to me graded at 45. the description US 2187-K2009A $100 Green (Ft. Worth) Rios Geithner FW Federal Reserve Note Dallas Binary Serial Number. Thanks for all the input, i really appreciated the feedback.
  3. hi thanks for your recommendation, I went ahead and sent that 2, with the serial #G30008000A to get graded it got graded as 65EPQ exceptional paper quality. next question does that grade add anything to the value?
  4. Thanks for your quick response 😊
  5. I have $150 credit with PMG I sent in two notes to get graded. So how do I find out what my credit balance is as of today. My invoice just States the total purchase of $90. And the balance owed is 0. So did the $90 come out of the $150 credit?
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I do appreciate.😊.
  7. thank you for taking the time to reply, i do appreciate it.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions, i do appreciate it!
  9. I have a few $2 bills with serial numbers 2017A 30008000A, 30007373A, 30007337A, 30007333A, 30007999A, 30007400A. i am considering getting them graded, but i can only choose three, my question is which serial number would be considered more valuable. I ordered a band of 2s from the bank, and the band was a brand new consecutive , i have about 40 2s from this band, i narrowed down the serial numbers i thought might be valuable., i am sure the grade will be high, as they were a new band from the bank.. any opinions greatly appreciated, i have a credit with pmg, so i basically can get the bills graded and break even with my membership fee. thanks in advance !
  10. Oh they are pretty new but do you think I should spend the money to get them graded at $15 a piece. I really do appreciate the time that you have spent to answer my questions. Thank you again
  11. I have six sequential $10 2017A PB06089456* to 61* practically uncirculated. Does anyone out there think it would be worth it to get them graded. I know the serial number won't do anything but does just the fact that it's a sequential star note add any value???
  12. 2017A. Lol got them from an ATM withdrawal 😁. Didn't notice till I got home 🤣🤣. Otherwise I would have bled that ATM dry 🤠🤠.. they are practically uncirculated.
  13. Well I paid 15O for the pmg membership and got a 150 credit. So its a break even for me 🤠. I have a few other bills I want graded. I'm gonna throw them in the lot 🤣. Do you know anything about 10 dollar star notes. I have six sequential PB06089456* to 61⭐. I know this much the serial number isn't it unique or anything but the fact that it's a star ⭐ note and sequential. I'm thinking about just getting them graded against my credit. Do you think it would be worth it?
  14. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. The bill is circulated I got it from a bank withdrawal. It looks to be in good condition. It does have a crease in the center from where it was folded. when I saw the serial number I was already buying my house on the River 🤣. I'm going to send it off to get graded. will definitely keep you posted 👍. Again thank you very much for taking the time your response is very appreciated 👍
  15. Well thank you very much for responding I do appreciate you taking the time.