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  1. Yup like the $2 I got graded is coming back a 65 EPQ🤠, I got a band from the bank and it's was a new sequential band.🤓🤓. I'm going to send off two more to get graded I just can't decide on which serial numbers.
  2. Well i just wanted to update on my question. I sent the hundred in to graded, and its coming back to me graded at 45. the description US 2187-K2009A $100 Green (Ft. Worth) Rios Geithner FW Federal Reserve Note Dallas Binary Serial Number. Thanks for all the input, i really appreciated the feedback.
  3. hi thanks for your recommendation, I went ahead and sent that 2, with the serial #G30008000A to get graded it got graded as 65EPQ exceptional paper quality. next question does that grade add anything to the value?
  4. Thanks for your quick response 😊
  5. I have $150 credit with PMG I sent in two notes to get graded. So how do I find out what my credit balance is as of today. My invoice just States the total purchase of $90. And the balance owed is 0. So did the $90 come out of the $150 credit?
  6. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I do appreciate.😊.
  7. thank you for taking the time to reply, i do appreciate it.
  8. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions, i do appreciate it!
  9. I have a few $2 bills with serial numbers 2017A 30008000A, 30007373A, 30007337A, 30007333A, 30007999A, 30007400A. i am considering getting them graded, but i can only choose three, my question is which serial number would be considered more valuable. I ordered a band of 2s from the bank, and the band was a brand new consecutive , i have about 40 2s from this band, i narrowed down the serial numbers i thought might be valuable., i am sure the grade will be high, as they were a new band from the bank.. any opinions greatly appreciated, i have a credit with pmg, so i basically can get the bills graded and break even with my membership fee. thanks in advance !
  10. Oh they are pretty new but do you think I should spend the money to get them graded at $15 a piece. I really do appreciate the time that you have spent to answer my questions. Thank you again
  11. I have six sequential $10 2017A PB06089456* to 61* practically uncirculated. Does anyone out there think it would be worth it to get them graded. I know the serial number won't do anything but does just the fact that it's a sequential star note add any value???
  12. 2017A. Lol got them from an ATM withdrawal 😁. Didn't notice till I got home 🤣🤣. Otherwise I would have bled that ATM dry 🤠🤠.. they are practically uncirculated.
  13. Well I paid 15O for the pmg membership and got a 150 credit. So its a break even for me 🤠. I have a few other bills I want graded. I'm gonna throw them in the lot 🤣. Do you know anything about 10 dollar star notes. I have six sequential PB06089456* to 61⭐. I know this much the serial number isn't it unique or anything but the fact that it's a star ⭐ note and sequential. I'm thinking about just getting them graded against my credit. Do you think it would be worth it?
  14. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. The bill is circulated I got it from a bank withdrawal. It looks to be in good condition. It does have a crease in the center from where it was folded. when I saw the serial number I was already buying my house on the River 🤣. I'm going to send it off to get graded. will definitely keep you posted 👍. Again thank you very much for taking the time your response is very appreciated 👍
  15. Well thank you very much for responding I do appreciate you taking the time.
  16. Hello I am considering getting my 2009 series A $100 bill graded it has a fancy serial number LK00001111D. My questions are 1. what would I put as the fair market value, is it hundred dollars or would it be more because of its serial number. 2. On the label portion of it does PMG decide what to print on the label or does the customer decide what to print. Can it say something like Fancy Serial number, binary quad etc. It is in circulated condition but I feel the condition is really good considering it is over a decade old. Thank you in advance.
  17. I have this 2009 series A $100 bill with the serial number LK 00001111D. I'm debating on getting it graded any ideas on the value. Thanks in advance for any response.