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  1. Jennifer, Thanks for following up. Jay R. sent me an e-mail Saturday morning. We traded e-mails. He's working on it now. He'll have this resolved at the earliest possible time. Not to worry.
  2. Realistically, only new, crisp uncirculated notes hold any value. Binary notes (with two numbers) have some interest, but in practice, only True Binary notes (with only 0s and 1s) have significant value. A circulated trinary note is best spent as soon as possible.
  3. I use the same star note lookup as everybody else:* .We know that 5,000 sheets were printed at Ft. Worth in September 2016. We have no evidence that any of these star sheets were sold intact by the BEP to customers. There's nothing on eBay. We have PMG evidence [right hand not knowing what left hand is doing] when we compare Submission # 1857648 with # 1857686 where in the first, 10 similar notes (from one bundle) were correctly graded, and ten notes in the second submission were incorrectly graded. Finally, if one looks at serial numbers on solid sheets, the notes are not 100 serial numbers apart. This type of mistake is embarrassing. We need to correct this quickly and quietly.
  4. PMG is returning a note to be 80088008 that they labeled as a Radar-Repeater-Rotator. Wow!!
  5. I submitted ten Series 2013 Kansas City $1 star notes (printed Sep 2016 at Fort Worth) to PMG that I pulled from a new bundle of 2013 San Francisco notes. The Kansas City notes were all J00225xxx* The serial numbers were all separated by a hundred. All ten notes are cut off-center, graduating from about 15% to almost 0%. I have notes in close proximity that are not cut off-center. The problem is that PMG believes (with no supporting data) that these notes came from 'whole' sheets that were sold to the public. How do I convince PMG that they are wrong.
  6. We won't see a Tubman bill until Donald is history. As a life-long , it hurts me to acknowledge that he often time asks like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person child. Why not remove a (Jackson) from the face of the note? He is despised by many blacks and native Americans. Why not replace him with a hard-core , Bible thumping, gun-toting, war hero who happens to be a black woman? He could get a lot of votes if he would get his head out of his 'you know what.'
  7. Close. Real close, but not quite there. A note in this condition and with this serial number is worth about a buck. Sorry.
  8. When you get a little older, you'll find out there's no Santa Claus. You get what you pay for. For the last 20 years or so I've bought the 'unplasticized' currency holders from Brooklyn Gallery Coins & Stamps ( The last I checked they were $18.25 per 100 plus shipping. They are the only ones I trust. There may be cheaper ones out there, but you generally get what you pay for.
  9. There is very little (if any) to notes with this type of serial number. Look for a RADAR note (ABCDDCBA) or a repeater (ABCDABCD). Good luck.