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"As made inclusion " Comment or not

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Similar to the as made wrinkle comment on the previous note you post IMO, some people will like it some will not. They also put comments on the back of the label for error notes, :wink: not that this note is an error note per se. 

What if that inclusion was a Del Monte sticker? lol 

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Assuming that at the root of the question is, is this note worth more, the same, or less than a similar note without the "As Made Inclusion" comment? My thought is that there would be more people who would pass on a note like this than be attracted to the note because of the inclusion. So in that sense I would think this note would be worth less to the broader collector base than a comparable note without the inclusion, but (assuming that an "As Made Inclusion" is somewhat unusual) there will be those who might pay a premium because of this, or because it tells a story, or fits into their collecting niche. (shrug) 

If I found a note, in areas that I collect, with an As Made Inclusion I would pick it up without hesitation, assuming the price wasn't astronomical for the grade, and include it in my collection. To me your note tells a story of the production/printing process, is unusual, interesting, and I something I could build a set around but that's just me. :insane:

Is this a problem note? Not in my book, especially with EPQ, but others may feel differently. The Inclusion probably didn't hold the grade down much, if at all, either.  (thumbsu

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