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  1. Yeah Mike . I don't find a lot of lacquering seals . I want a nice 1928 legal tender . But I'll pass on this on . Thanks for the help .
  2. I just read this on this note . What does it do to a note and why do people do it ? Thanks
  3. I may have purchased a fake coin in a pcgs holder . It comes up in pcgs . There's not picture of the coins . I'm stumped . Thanks
  4. Yeah , those are the notes I'm talking about . I surly couldn't afford one . But I'd sure love to see one . Him & his crazy story still amazes me .
  5. I have read in a place or two about binion notes . Has anyone ever seen one ? Thanks
  6. I purchased A nice note knowing the statement on the back . I try and stay away from holders that have comments on the back . Is that statement a comment ? Meaning it's in the same way as damaged or any other comments on the back ? Does it mean a problem note ?
  7. I have a fractional currency that says "As made wrinkle" Is that considered a comment or what . I'm trying to stay from notes that have comments or details . Thanks