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Grading Options for Odd 1850's Obsolete Bank Notes

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I am new to having anything graded. I am not sure if what I have can be graded by PMG. I have obsolete bank notes from the 1850's that are either uncut or in a pinned stack. The stack I believe contains 50 or 100 notes and the rest are loose uncut notes. I reached out to PCSG who just added grading for stacks and they told me that they do not have a holder that is large enough to hold the stack and that I would have to have them graded separately. I do not want to open the stack because its very unique. Does anyone know if PMG would grade this as they are without taking them apart? Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.









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Very cool. The strap of remainders looks like it is uncut at the bottom, normally the bank would receive uncut sheets and cut the notes out, and sign, as they used them. Any way, to answer your questions, I don't believe that PMG would grade the strap, at least I've never seen them do so, but you could try asking in the ASK PMG section of the forum. PMG would absolutely grade the uncut sheets, as I have seen them do so before. I have seen uncut sheets from this bank graded by PMG. 

If the pin is sticking up out of the stack it would be a pain to make a custom holder to accommodate it, and very expensive, or if they removed or bent the pin that would cause additional issues. I'd probably just leave those as is. The four subject sheets are probably going to run you around $80 each, the two subject sheets probably around $60 each. I'm not sure what your plans are for these but if these were mine and I was going to keep them I'd probably leave them as is and get some nice sleeves for them. 


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Hi Mike,

Thank you for responding. I apologize I was away for a bit. You are correct, the strapped remainder notes are uncut at the bottom. 

As for reaching out to PMG it's worth a shot, maybe I will get lucky. If not I will see what's available when it comes to the sleeves.

Thank you again Mike for your help.



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