Brazil 5 cruzeiros banknote 1962-1964
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Hi everyone, just curious if minor errors are cool on these to keep in my collection's as a error note. By doing research I haven't found any errors on these. My question is what would this error be called. It's on the reverse between the I and D in UNIDOS. thanks for help and advice with this.



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Minor errors are cool to the right collector. It's tough to say what it is without seeing the note in person, right now the possibilities are an insufficient inking error, obstructed printing error, damage, or the ink pulled up do to the note being pressed or it was folded or creased in that area. Regardless of what it is exactly, the added value if it were an error would be minimal to none. It is just too minor to bring any kind of a premium. It's a cool note and I enjoyed looking at this one, definitely a keeper for your collection. I like the vignette on the back. (thumbsu

Pick 176d (1964).

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