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  1. Really no question, thought for some reason it was a broken Ladder. Now I know what one is. Thanks
  2. Hi ,I have this bill and hoping I can get a little info about. I don't know if serial numbers count for these, but throwing it out there. Thanks
  3. I did research on the date ,but it's all about two century's of pandemic. From 1818 to 1918 and 2018. Really odd. And a book 1818-1918. Forgot the name of the book. Interesting note. Thought I would throw this out there incase there something special about this bill.
  4. Thought I would share this. This is pretty cool to find on a 20 dollar bill .
  5. Wanting to get thoughts on this .I'm pretty sure it's not a crease/fold. But really interesting and nothing show's on the other side of the bill.
  6. Hi everyone, thought this would be an interesting one. It's the last digit in the bottom serial number the 2. I see stuff like this on a dollar bill, but not a 10 dollar bill. The 2 looks like it's also floating in the position were it's at. Thanks for any thoughts on this.
  7. Hi everyone does this count to being a birth date. April 8 1967. Or does it have to be the full date in the serial number. Thanks for any info on this.
  8. So I think I have a birthday bill. If so is there a site that people are looking for these. Or some way to put it out there. Thanks
  9. Wow that's neat, the 2 at the end on the top serial number is shifted.
  10. Hi everyone, the plate number is supposed to be FW I 90 , but it is FW I 9C. I know the bill is pretty worn but is this a possible error. Any opinions is appreciated. Thanks.
  11. I don't know if it's the 8 or 2 or both. But interesting. It's in the top serial number.
  12. Is this sufficient enough to be rare. Or are these common. It's the third number from right of the top serial number. The 0 looks slightly dropped along with the green seal underneath it. Any suggestions is appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Didn't thank I would find one of these. Number 1 on front and back. Still don't understand if the plates are supposed to be different. Hmmmm
  14. Hi again, not sure about this one neither. But could this be something. Pretty interesting, haven't found anything on line on this. Any information is appreciated. Thanks
  15. What about this one. Is this rare because it's a star note plus a trinary. I know the serial number isn't all that great. But pretty cool to find one of these.
  16. Idk if these mean anything, but if there supposed to be different plates on the front and back when there making paper money, then why do some have the same plate # number .Unless I'm wrong and it means something different. Hmmmm interesting.
  17. Hey everyone, just found this today. Just wondering if this is a possible variatietys. Really interesting, got me a little dizzy for a minute.
  18. Hello again, I have this bill and I'm aware that the plate number is supposed to be different on each bill. Front and back. So they know which plate was used. Well I just found this one and it's pretty worn. The plate number is the same. Any info would be appreciate. Thanks