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On 1/28/2022 at 9:20 AM, Lamb7 said:

Has anyone had success in getting a note graded higher ?

Never tried but "cracking out" notes and/or coins is usually a loosing game for most people. I feel you would have better success with coins, if you were proficient in grading, do to graflation but I don't think banknotes have seen the same increases, which would make your chances of success lower. Not to mention that there a fewer notes graded, compared to coins, which also lowers the odds.

Is it a PMG graded note? Got a pic?

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It's so difficult to tell the condition of a note via pictures sometimes. PMG must not have the images in their system yet as your note is not popping up when I search it using the PMG Verify tool, but based on your pictures I'm seeing at least a vertical center fold and possibly two additional vertical folds. There appears to be some soiling and if side lit I'm guessing some significant creasing. That this note did not receive an EPQ designation makes me wonder if it was pressed or improperly flattened to try and enhance its appearance. All that said, the note looks pretty dang good in your images and I would have guessed a higher grade than 35. It's a dandy of a note but if you're not proficient at grading notes I'd leave it as is in the PMG holder.

You could try asking PMG if there were any graders notes for this, if there are they could give you a little insight as to why the note graded 35.

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