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  1. Great Britain 1914-date one pound type set Is it possible to extend this set to include an additional slot for Henry Hase £1 p190 (2511323-045). The Registry has 26 of these notes recorded. Thanks David
  2. Someone sent me the pages from the Pickford catalogue, but I can find no logic, as to why only some presentation packs have been included. I have also had no success in getting PMG to add additional slots to this set, for presentation packs that do not appear in the Pickford catalogue. If you have any information or views on this subject, I would be interested to hear them? Kind Regards David
  3. Hi Billy, I am supportive of a "Bank of England 1928-present set", because it would be a more affordable set for new collectors to fully complete, as it exclude some of the more expensive Treasury and White Banknotes. I know from previously asking PMG for a replacement set, that they are reluctant to have new sets when there is sufficient representation in existing sets. Personally I think that more sets are better, as it increases the possibility to achieve full set coverage. In addition for some slots like p374, with 21 varieties from B281-B323, it's not possible to show examples of all varieties. It might however be that additional sets increases the workload for PMG, in having to synchronize slots across all sets. Maybe Ali can advise? Kind Regards David
  4. Very pleased to see this update. As I come across issues in the Bank of England sets, I have notified PMG, and they have corrected them once verified. Kind Regards David
  5. Is there a list of links between the CS references and the associated presentation pack references, as I don't have a Pickford catalogue? For example from the gallery I can see that HM Queen 70 Birthday, reference C120 is included under CS3
  6. Hi Again, Can I request a new slot 382Aa (2164141-042) in Bank of England complete issue p303 to date? Thanks David
  7. Hello, David. Thank you for your interest. The senior team has determined these notes have sufficient representation in the existing competitive sets. You may display all your replacement notes in a single set you have under this set type: All SetsGreat BritainBank Of England Complete Issues, P303-Date. In response to this reply, is it possible to suggest a quicker approach. At the moment I am having to ask for nearly every replacement note to be added to the Bank of England Complete issues P303-Date and I have a number of notes still to add? Thanks David
  8. Treasury notes set 1914-1928 issues p346-p361 Two slots in this set, number 354 and 355, have no link to associated notes. How do I find out which notes these entries relate to? Two other slots numbers 352 and 353 link to Unissued notes. I am aware that experimental notes are not included in sets due to their lack of representation in the registry, but I wondering why Unissued notes were included?
  9. Good afternoon, Is it possible to get a new set for Bank of England replacement notes. Thanks David
  10. Thanks for the reply. I am not proficient in grading, I just purchased it from an Auction house who graded it AUNC and it has come back PMG 35. I have loaded pictures on the site reference 1832240-043, but if you cant see them I will try sending them.
  11. Has anyone had success in getting a note graded higher ?